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Sky Watch in Edison

swftomSky Watch Friday is a photo meme with photos of sunrises, sunsets, blue skies, gray skies, pink skies, dark skies and any other kind of sky posted by bloggers all over the planet.

OK, I lied. This first one isn’t in Edison. It’s on my block in Highland Park, but I want to learn the name of the tree that has these branches. Maybe in the spring when the leaves come back.

I took this photo yesterday at about 5:30 pm, when I was picking up my son from an after school program. The school, RPRY in Edison, New Jersey, is a Jewish Day School, so both the U.S. flag and the Israeli flag were flapping around in the sunset. Today they are probably flapping even more; the wind has been howling since this morning, and a poor woman in Mountainside, New Jersey was killed when a tree fell on her car.

This shot was take above the basketball court at the school.

Guy D says

Excellent shots, I really like the one of the American and Israeli Flags, well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Ilana-Davita says

I like how you always manage to show different skies every week. I have given up temporarily since the only place I seem to take photos from these days are the bedroom window and my office window; too boring for other people to see on a weekly basis.

Kathy says

Wonderful shots. Its been really windy here in Oklahoma also. I just keep waiting for a tree to fall on our truck in the driveway. I miss those days where we had just nice light breeze.

Photo Cache says

I love the third shot, there is softness in that image that is very comforting.

Rottlady says

All very nice shots. Happy SWF!

Mojo says

Word is that the wind has been howling pretty much everywhere. I know it has been here this afternoon. But so far no fatalities. Sorry to hear about the woman in Mountainside.

I don't know the name of your tree, but I sure do like the shot you took of it. Stark, but still elegant.

ramblingwoods says

Your SW has the same pinky shades that mine does..Isn't the weather awful?

kallen305 says

So pretty. The last one is my favorite.

Quietpaths says

Sun! I see you had some sun; please send the lovely sun over here... Those colors are like a whisper of pink, blue, and orange.

Jew Wishes says

These are wonderful photos! I especially love the third one, and feel a sense of serenity from it.

Denise says

Wonderful photos. Flags flying in the breeze are always a nice choice. I am always looking for that perfect flag shot. The first one, I would be interested in finding out that tree's name also and the basketball court is very nicely composed. Sad to hear about that poor lady.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

How awful that a tree killed a woman in her car! he winds must have been fierce!

Raizy says

I love seeing the American and Israeli flags flying proudly together like that.

Leora says

Thanks, Raizy. I like that, too (that's why I photographed it!).

naturegirl says

A beauty with the pink sky! The winds suerly blew here too!Have a great weekend!

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

Nice sky! That soft pink color is my very favorite time of day. Thanks for a sweet post.

rosadimaggio63 says

Bella quella foto con le 2 bandiere che si immergono nel cielo di skywatch ! :-)

Laurel Kornfeld says

Look for Venus in the western sky right around sunset. It is extremely bright and stays up for about two to three hours. You can't miss it, and it would make a beautiful picture.


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