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Public History

Public History Partners is a site I worked on last spring and finished up in the late fall. If you are familiar with New Jersey, you may enjoy seeing the beach at Asbury Park and the Delaware and Raritan Canal. The 1777 map in the header shows the City of New Brunswick, from a Rutgers collection of historical maps.

There is also a photo of a Passover seder on the site. Can anyone tell me where that seder took place?

Visit Public History Partners.

Louise says

Clean and attractive layout and colors.

As for the post below, the prize? I think it doesn't matter what a prize is. There is a certain segment of the population (that does not include me) that will do what it takes for any prize. I think it's the thrill of a chance to win more than what they get.

ramblingwoods says

Nice job Leora..very clean and easy to follow

Ilana-Davita says

Very neat layout. Great job.

Jew Wishes says

The layout is fantastic, easy on the eyes, with excellent photos that are visually historic looking, and grab the viewer's attention.


Leora says

Thank you all, for your kind comments.

Baila says

Ellis Island?

Leora says

And Baila wins the prize! ding, ding. (what's the prize? does it have to be something concrete? If she wants, she can enter the contest in the previous post and get the Vitamin D. But methinks she gets plenty of real sun in Modi'in).

baila says

**gushing** Thank you so much!!!!

(But I wish you were like Mom and actually giving me something!)

Leora says

Shall I package some snow and send it to you?


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