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Recipes for Pesach

Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake watercolor on paper, 2008

Recipes on my blog

Sponge Cake Recipe
(Warning: 9 eggs separated, delicious, and highly-addictive)
Slavery to Freedom Salad
(orange, radish and mint salad)
Potato Salad with a Beet
Matzo Balls
Chicken Soup
Sauteed Mushroom Salad
Garlic Spread
Stuffed Squash
Stuffed Squash for Pesach with bits of Matza and Mushroom
(use only the kosher for Pesach ingredients, no croutons and beans are kitniyot)
Winter Slaw
(leave out the barley miso as it is kitniyot)
Farmers Market Soup
A Simple Fish Recipe
Carrot Salad
Healthy Sides
Kira’s Potato Leek Soup

Recipes Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

Ilana-Davita: Israeli Potato Salad
Ilana-Davita: Eggplant Salad
Ilana-Davita: Carrot Salad

Mimi: Potato Gnocchi
Mimi: Fish Soup
(this recipe for fish soup with vegetables is undescribably yummy)
Mimi: Almond-Lemon Macaroons
Mimi: Turkish Salad

Jew Wishes: Potato Pancakes
(you can probably leave out the baking powder on Pesach, or you can buy special for Pesach baking powder)
Mrs. S: Potato Kugel
Mother in Israel: Potato Kugel Secrets

Do you know that you can make blintzes/crepes on Pesach? Mix potato starch, eggs and water (or milk, but I can’t tolerate milk, so I don’t use it). I can’t tell you the exact amounts, so you will have to experiment. You can fill with potatoes, cheese, potatoes and cheese, sauteed vegetables, fruit, whatever you would ordinarily put in a blintz. My kids love these.

parsley sponge cake  banana and apple

Mrs. S. says

What a delicious collection of recipes!

I like your painting. You've really captured the sponge cake's texture.

Thanks for the link.

Leora says

Thank you, and you're welcome.

Lorri says

I love your water colors.

This is a great post with wonderful links. I like the idea of adding beet to potato salad!

Thanks for the link.

Leora says

Thank you, and you're welcome.

I think adding a beet shows my 1/4 Russian heritage.

Pearl Saban says

Dear Leora
Thank you for seeking me out once again and commenting on my recent loss.
I reread your posts about your dear mother, z"l, and I'm sure that you found that writing those blog posts was therapeutic in its own way. Writing my posts certainly was, and I'll probably write more as time goes on. Thank goodness you also have art as your outlet.
I love that sponge cake artwork...looks good enough to eat! The links to the many recipes will come in handy over the next couple of weeks.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Pesach.

Leora says

Pearl, so glad I clicked on your link from last year's comment. Yes, my mother has been gone over ten years, but it still helps to write a blog post every now and then. I find that others relate too well to loss.

Take care, and a wonderful Pesach to you, too.

Ilana-Davita says

Great list! Who needs to look out for recipes now?
I had already planned to make Mimi's macaroons and fish soup.

Leora says

Thanks. I can always stick in a few more in this post if anyone writes one in the next week or so.

ramblingwoods says

Is a cook book in your future? You could self-publish?

Leora says

I think a cookbook should be in Mimi's future (have you ever visited her blog? Prepare for your mouth to water). The rest of us will go rah, rah if/when she writes a cookbook.

phyllis says

great list! i've never made a sponge cake before, maybe this is the year...

Leora says

Question is, have you separated an egg...and can you do the same nine times. The rest is easy.

Just use a bundt pan or other pan with a hole in the middle. Don't do what I did the first time and try to make it in an rectangular aluminum pan.

Mimi says

Leora, how sweet of you to say them things... :)
And thank you for including links to my recipes.

Let me join the crowd admiring your sponge cake watercolor. It DOES look good enough to eat, in fact it made me hungry, looking at it.

I'd like to see your posts on losing a parent. My Dad ah"s passed away 4 years ago but the loss is still fresh.

Leora says

Thank you for the compliments on my watercolor. I should do more, I should (I haven't been painting much lately).

I emailed you the link to the 7 posts I wrote about my mother.

Shimshonit says

Look like a great bunch of recipes; I look forward to making some of them, and sharing this post with my mom (who is always looking for nutritious, sensible meal suggestions).

I love your watercolors, but there is something particularly beautiful about that spongecake. My favorite color? The reassurance that it's been tasted? The texture (as someone else pointed out)? Lovely.


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