Watery Weds at Sandy Hook

Playing in the April water at Sandy Hook, New Jersey
Playing in the April water at Sandy Hook, New Jersey

We had exceptionally warm weather on Sunday, and so we traveled with the traffic to the top of the New Jersey shore to a wonderful beach called Sandy Hook. More Sandy Hook photos coming on Thursday, as part of Sky Watch.

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore? Where did you go?

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28 thoughts on “Watery Weds at Sandy Hook

  • Never been to the Jersey Shore. The only time in recent memory that I’ve been to NJ at all my son and I were traveling form Boston to Baltimore and on a pretty tight schedule. Otherwise, we might have made a side trip “down the shore”. It was certainly the right time of year for it (August).

    I love this photo and the way it portrays the pure joy of a child. I think the capacity for joy — the real deal I mean — gets diluted with age… Or perhaps just with experience.

  • So cute! I can see that she’s enjoying herself immensely.

    I’ve never been to Jersey shore but this photo inspired me to go to the beach soon. I live in the Bay Area near SF.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • A couple of weeks before Liat was born Isaac and I spent a few days in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Spring Lake, NJ, on the Jersey Shore. It’s located near Deal, NJ, so we had easy access to kosher food.

    After the kids were born we spent a few days at a really tacky motel (plastic palm trees, anyone?) on the shore. I forget which town it was but remember it was close to Asbury Park and the boardwalk had great amusement parks, which the kids loved.

    • Spring Lake is pretty. Big old Victorian homes. Deal has some nice restaurants.

      I laughed when you mentioned Asbury Park. My husband grew up right near there. It used to be very “hoo ha” (when? in the 1910’s?). It was very rundown in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They are trying to revive it. Corruption in local government has not helped. The boardwalk now has some real shops once again.

    • Surprisingly, it wasn’t that cold. But this was about as far as my daughter and most others went in the water. We heard it was a hot day inland. Didn’t feel hot at the beach; it felt comfortable and pleasant.

  • Leora…I love comments, I was just trying to take some of the pressure off it somebody wanted to let me know they visited, but didn’t have a lot to say….guess I was confusing.. I am having that trouble lately….Michelle

  • I’m amazed at how this picture reminds me of one I took about 50 years ago of a little girl playing in the sand.
    ps no time now, but please remind me to scan and post it.

    • OK, I’ll remind you at the end of the summer, when you have returned from your NYC trip?

      I love the one of you on the bike as a little girl.

  • as a former ny’er… green with envy as i look outside at 7 inches of white stuff… !!!

    thanx for the memories 🙂

  • Love the shot. There’s nothing like kids playing in the water. It’s such pure joy and innocence.

    Me, I don’t always looks at the quality of the shot but the story that is often in it. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this meme. I am too.

  • Terrific picture of your daughter playing in the ocean. We used to go to Cape May with our children every summer. We’d rent a house for a week. Cape May really became our home away from home. Our children are almost grown and have other things to do in the summer now. I miss it. The Victorian homes, the beach, the shops and restaurants – it’s a wonderful place to visit.

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