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Weekly Review and Pink Azalea


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Upcoming in Highland Park: Memorial Day Parade down Raritan Avenue (starts in New Brunswick – Highland Park scouts and teams start at South Adelaide) – See Memorial Day Parade 2008

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Ilana-Davita is taking the Trep challenge and walking. I’ve been doing gardening as exercise, so Ilana-Davita asks if it hurts my back? Links on digging without backache:

I think the key is I never spend more than ten minutes at a time gardening. I do it in between everything else. Am I holding the spade properly? I have no idea. I just noticed both those links are from the UK; is it because more UK folks are gardeners?

Deep Vein Thrombosis – one of the causes is sitting too long in one spot, like on a plane (I know someone who had similar problems after returning from Israel – get up and walk around on a long plane ride).

Shul Plotters Eager to Bring Death to Jews
Gail: Homegrown Terrorism
Phyllis Chesler: Homegrown Islamic Jihad in the Bronx

Ilana-Davita says

At the moment I get injections every day to avoid DVT. When I traveled to Hong Kong, I walked up and down the plane a lot and wore special stockings.
Thanks for the link. I have actually started wearing the pedometer. It is an easy to encourage one to walk more, even if slowly for me at present.
Your flower is beautiful.

Leora says

I'm glad the walking is working for you. Take care.

therapydoc says

It's stunning. I planted some rhododendrons years ago, similar, but they bloom one whole week out of the year.

Leora says

The climbing roses on the side of my house are like that. One week in June of bursting pink bloom and then they are gone. But we do get a year of thorns out of them.

hihorosie says

Gorgeous azalea!

ramblingwoods says

I also have clotting issues so I have to be careful. But I am going to checkout the gardening links..thanks Leora

Jew Wishes says

You have been a very busy person, this past week, not only on your blog, but in your world.

Your photo is lovely, vibrant and filled with wonderful pinkness.


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