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Jerusalem Day

Thursday Challenge: Trees
Window Views: Store
Street Fair on Raritan Avenue (slideshow)
Ruby Tuesday Tulip with Reds
Today’s Flower: Pink Shrub
Nature Notes: Bee, Squirrel, Basil

Twitter Chat #sbbuzz – a tweet chat group for small business people
(summary now posted at sbbuzz: Small Biz Tech Advice & Resources)

Upcoming in Highland Park: Memorial Day Parade down Raritan Avenue (starts in New Brunswick – Highland Park scouts and teams start at South Adelaide) – See Memorial Day Parade 2008

Elsewhere on the Web

Ilana-Davita is taking the Trep challenge and walking. I’ve been doing gardening as exercise, so Ilana-Davita asks if it hurts my back? Links on digging without backache:

I think the key is I never spend more than ten minutes at a time gardening. I do it in between everything else. Am I holding the spade properly? I have no idea. I just noticed both those links are from the UK; is it because more UK folks are gardeners?

Deep Vein Thrombosis – one of the causes is sitting too long in one spot, like on a plane (I know someone who had similar problems after returning from Israel – get up and walk around on a long plane ride).

Shul Plotters Eager to Bring Death to Jews
Gail: Homegrown Terrorism
Phyllis Chesler: Homegrown Islamic Jihad in the Bronx

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