Ruby Tuesday Parade Reds

Lots of reds were visible at the Salute to Israel Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City yesterday. This was one float with many red balloons that said “Ruby Tuesday” red to me.

These drummers at the Fifth Avenue Israel parade also seemed to be wearing red t-shirts so they can show up in a Ruby Tuesday post.

I photographed this red rhododendron a few minutes before we marched off to the local Highland Park Memorial Day Parade.

Extra: since some of you like quizzes, can anyone guess what the first float is representing? Which business? Hint: it is an Israeli-based business that has branches in New York.

For more Ruby Red posts, visit Ruby Tuesday:

27 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday Parade Reds

  • I love the photo with the drummers; they look so dignified.
    I forgot to mention that in the slideshow I liked the one with the female cop.
    No idea for the quiz, sorry.
    A perfect RT entry.

  • It is always exciting to notice a flower in the city – life runs so fast there. I hope the red helps the parade to be noticed and remembered too.

    • Ellie, I think we are on the same page here… we can’t control the mainstream media, but on our own blogs we can post what we want to post!

  • The Star of David looks proud and the flag of Israel beautiful. A country to admire! The red balloons and drummers are fine style for RT, and live drumming makes us listen…The rhododendron is stunning, too. A fine post with may sides to a nice day

    • Thanks, Ralph. It was a great parade. Lots of turnout of marchers, onlookers, and regular New Yorkers who enjoyed the scene (they kept crossing through the parade at intervals, as the cops allowed; New York is full of pedestrians).

  • Hello, Leora,
    Happy anniversary to Tel Aviv.
    A beautiful parade for Israel. Their white and blue flag with the Star of David is uplifting.
    I’m brought up by my parents to honor the Jews as God’s chosen people, and I still have Israel in my prayers. So do lots of my blog friends.
    FRom Felisol

  • Lovely finds Leora!
    The red balloons contrast beautifully with the blue and white of the flags.
    The Rhododendren is the West Virginia state flower but I don’t see many red ones.

    I’m wildly guessing looking at the photo that the business is bridging something between the US and Israel – economy-wise maybe.

    • You are SO, SO, close
      I take that back, you are partly right! Another bank is more prominent, but the back of the float does say Bank Leumi. Maybe the banks got together to do this float?

      I’ll post a photo with the back of the float tomorrow that has the answer!

  • Looks like a nice Parade.So much RED items,It’s like they knew you needed that Rudy Tuesday shot:-) I love those kinds of Days. Great Photo, Very clear shots.

    • While I was in NYC, I took some shots of architecture, with Mary’s Window Views meme in mind. Now, when does that one post? I can’t keep track of all these great memes.

  • Wonderful photos for Ruby Tuesday!
    Those drummers would have said “Ruby Tuesday” to me as well. 😉
    It looks like it was a fun parade.

    Isn’t it amazing how we who enjoy RT each week are all attuned to the color red?

    I see my hubby was here already. He is so efficient with his visiting.

    I just finished another post featuring rhododendron pics. I was about to post it. The blossoms are so pretty.

  • Nice to see so many people on the “bandwagon” for Israel.
    Thanks for the link. I’m checking it out with interest. Must be nice to have a blogging imma.

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