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Today’s Flowers: Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, Lambs Ears & more

Love this new blanket flower, Gaillardia, that I planted in my garden this spring. Such brilliant red and yellow colors in one flower.

Soon I will have many, many of these black-eyed susans or rudbeckia growing all over my garden. Luckily, the animals (ground hog? deer?) don’t seem to eat them. They have already eaten my cone flowers, dill and marigolds. Discouraging.

Lambs ears produce these ultra-pink flowers; you either love ’em or you pick them away because they are a bit too brilliant. My snapdragons are beginning to show their colors, white alyssum are happily blooming in the front, and a few petunias reseeded themselves from last summer.

For more flowers, visit:

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

The gailardia is a beautiful one! I wish I could get them to winter over in my gardens!

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely series here. It seems your garden is very green. Did you also get quite a bit of rain in the past few days?

Leora says

Yes, a little too much rain at this point! And the skies are so cloudy all day...

Carver says

Your flowers all looks so beautiful. Thanks for your visit to mine. You mentioned that your cone flowers have been chomped up. I still have quite a few that are fine but some of mine are being eaten up and I suspect that it's grasshoppers. Some of mine have petals with big bites out of them and I have noticed some grasshoppers around.

SandyCarlson says

I like your taste in flowers--even if the deer don't!

Carletta says

These are some of my favorite flowers Leora!
All beautiful. I have some Lamb's Ear but I haven't seen it bloom. It is squeezed in with lots of other things. I like the vibrant color.

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

SquirrelQueen says

All of the flowers are lovely, the lambs ear is such a pretty color.

Have a wonderful day,

Pupo says

Beautiful flowers.
Thanks for sharing.

island rambles says

I love the color of the lambs ears, we grow them have a lovely blog site...cheers.

sandy says

i miss my susies in Florida

Ellie says

I did not post any flower - just visiting - to take a glimpse of yours!

Rosa says

I like Gaillardia! It's a very nice flower!

April says

The Rudbekia is a very striking flower! What a bright and happy garden!

2sweetnsaxy says

Very pretty little flowers. I never knew what the name of that last one was. Nice shots! :-)

Paz says

Beautiful flowers, all.


ramblingwoods says

I love them all but especially the first one. I am drawn to the color for some reason...

ramblingwoods says

Here is a birding guide that is good for a beginner (I use my NY guide all the time) as it is organized by color...

Birds of New Jersey Field Guide by Stan Tekiela

Leora says I have to decide do I take it out of the library or actually buy it.

Gemma says

Stunning flowers! I have never seen that first one before! Beautiful contrast in one flower!

Regina says

Wow, so sunny and a happy flowers. Great shot.

Kathy says

Oh these are very pretty. I agree very happy flowers. =)

mary/theteach says

Leora, yes my ending is a happily everafter ending because we don't know what happened... I'm sure the kitty got out of under the hood on her own and found her way home. :)

Birdy says

Nice pictures of pretty flowers. For me flowers are always beautiful, irrespective of their colors and types.

Mama Zen says


fishing guy says

Leora: What pretty flowers are blooming, it is so nice to be in the spring season.

Mamapippa says

Beauties of nature !

amanda says

Great garden flowers Leora, can almost smell them from here.


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