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Summer Stock at the Waterpark

This is my son’s idea of a grande ole time – the setting is Hurricane Harbor, Jackson, New Jersey. We traveled to this (outrageously expensive) waterpark two weeks ago for his entertainment – his sort of thing.

Would you go down this green slide? I’m not showing you the whole thing, but believe me when I say it’s tall, tall, tall. The red arrow shows my son patiently waiting (a half hour? an hour) to go down this green giant.

Here’s my daughter in the pirate section – I daresay she’s Captain of the Ship.

I had fun photographing these birds, who look like they own the place.

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judi says

zoom, zoom! :)

Jientje says

Somehow Sea gull always look like they own the place! Love that picture!
What an incredible waterslide this is! Perfect for a hot Summer's day!

bim says

Oh my - the green slide looks as if it had a 90 degree drop. I hope he enjoyed it. As for the gulls: I'm sure they firmly believe that they own the place :)

Ilana-Davita says

I can see why your son enjoys this sort of entertainment even if I wouldn't go down the green slide. Lovely photos.

Mrs. S. says

Looks like fun!

Have a great week.

Ellie says

I agree with your son! This is fun, fun, fun!

Jew Wishes says

What wonderful photos of the day! I love the one with the seagulls...overseeing their property. LOL.

Leora says

I am wondering what the seagulls do with all the cash they make. They don't allow food or drink into the park (they check your bags at front not for bombs but for bonbons), and then charge an arm and a leg for all drinks and food.

joyce says

These photos capture the fun of summer for all the little kids in us:)

kaye says

water parks are so much fun. nice choice

Dina...UK says

No, I would not go on that slide, does look fun though....

Sara says

Well, once upon a time I might have braved that slide! What a fun place to spend a summer's day.

Love that shot of the birds too, on their colorful perch.

SandyCarlson says

These are really wonderful shots. I love the colors of that slide.

Robin says

I loved water parks when I was young but I've apparently lost my nerve (and my cast-iron stomach) in my old age. Even the baby ones are nearly too much for me these days!

Baila says

Last summer we went to a water park here and even though I was nervous, I did it all. And laughed like a teenager. Great fun, great pictures.

Julia Smith says

Love those two birds! And I wonder how many people chicken out after waiting to get to the tall, tall, tall green slide?

Rita aka Cashjocky says

I can certainly see why your son loves this place. My grandson would be in "hog Heaven" as well.

Your slide photo would also be perfect for the meme Color Carnival as well. Love the colors and the water makes it so refreshing.

Thanks for the visit.


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