KCC by Batya – anyone cooking?

Sukkah 2008; painting of grapes in the corner
Sukkah 2008; painting of grapes in the corner

Batya has done three blog carnivals this month, and her final one is the 46th edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival. Some of the highlights include Zwetschgenkuchen, the relationship between solet and semolina, and whether it is better to have insects and or insecticides (I’ll take the bugs, thank you very much – no insecticide for me – soap sometimes can drown aphids, that’s as far as I get). We mostly get bees in our sukkah; I think the nastier bugs have gone South by the time Sukkot comes.

As this coming week is Sukkot, I suspect many of you celebrating this upcoming holiday are (again) meal planning and cooking? What’s on the menu? I’m hoping to make an apple pie, and I also plan to make strawberry cashew pudding (another recipe from Klara). The pudding, if all goes well, will become a post, too.

3 thoughts on “KCC by Batya – anyone cooking?

  • We don’t have to cook much here. I have challah, cake, soup and kreplach in the freezer. I’ll make cholent for Shabbat, so I only really have part of one meal to worry about. Will probably make an apple cake and some cookies.

  • Since we made aliyah, I’ve learned to plan lighter menus for our meals in the succah – especially during the day, when it can be quite warm.

    Fortunately, by late morning-early afternoon, our succah is completely in the shade, and so it’s usually pleasant for most of lunch. (We also have a fan in the succah which definitely helps.)

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