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Signs of Fall in Nature

mum with gray background
Nothing marks early fall more than my maroon chrysanthemum in bloom.

I played detective to determine what kind of tree this is that grows in my neighbor’s front yard. I had photographed it last June when it had all those white floppy petals. Now it has these orange hanging balls.


I typed “white flowers petals orange balls” and “big petals white flowers tree” into Google. That second search brought me to a forum of plant identification, and someone suggested “cornus kousa.” The rest was easy; I put that phrase in Google images, and up came both my petals and my orange bally “fruit.”

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Stine says

Great sleuthing! I'm ot familiar with that plant.

Gattina says

I wished we only had two seasons, spring and summer ! I hate autumn and winter !

Regina says

Such a beauty!

Ilana-Davita says

I seem to be repeating myself but your photos are beautiful.

Jew Wishes says

The chrysanthemum photo is gorgeous with the maroon contrasts.

I like the focus in the third photo...the orange ball on the left is filled with clarity.

Beautiful images.

Caron says

I love Google. I don't think there is anything you can't learn if you are persistent in sleuthing and trading up words until you hit it and then BAM! You've learned something new.

Carver says

It's so much fun to find out the names of plants like you did. It's a beautiful tree in both seasons. I also like the first shot with the mums. They always spell autumn for me.

ramblingwoods says

Good research..I love to put a name to something I have seen...It's true the farmer's markets have the mums and pumpkins so it really is fall. Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Leora. I am late getting around due to some issues with my new glasses..... Michelle


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