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Rubies of My Fall Garden

  mums_orange    marigolds    mums_baby

I bought some orange chrysanthemums at the local Farmer’s Market on Friday. As they are in a pot, I can place them wherever I want in the garden before taking a photo. I may decide to plant them directly in the ground in November. The marigolds in my garden are holding up nicely in the fall, with red in the center of their orange petals.

For more photos with a bit of red or a lot of red, visit Ruby Tuesday:

Ilana-Davita says

I like the way you've emphasized the colors differently in each photo. I particularly like the first one but they are all beautiful.

Ralph says

These are wonderful arrangements, the muted Fall colors so easy on the eyes. All we have now is one potted mum. More may be in order...

EG Wow! says

Very pretty mums, Leora. We had a serious frost last night so bye-bye annuals till next spring.

Patti V. says

I love mums, and the red with yellow centers in the top photo are pretty. As Ralph said we only have one. If I plant it will it survive the winter? I've tried before but they never seem to make it.

Leora says

My mums have survived the winter. They are perennials, so they are supposed to. Make sure to plant it in rich soil and spread the roots. Probably sooner is better than later.

Eileen says

Beautiful mums, I also love the first one. They are all very pretty.

Carletta says

A lovely autumn bouquet!
Mums are the essential fall flower and yours are beautiful. I too like how you focused on the different colors in each shot.

Carletta’s Captures.

maryt/theteach says

Leora, an exceptionally beautiful garden for Ruby Tuesday! Good Luck in our giveaway! :)

annie says

I'm always so happy when fall arrives with its celebration of mums.

Jim says

Those are sooooo pretty, Leora. I would have called the red one Zenias, that is how not green my thumb is.
Happy RT! It has been a while since I've been here, I sat out last week.

When you visit my RT post why don't you scroll on down a bit and picture look? Our new granddaughter is growing (one pic of her is n the RT).

storyteller at Small Reflections says

Beautiful blossoms! Like Jim I would have mistaken the red one for Zennia ... but identifying flowers isn't MY strong suit either. Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Hugs and blessings,

eastcoastlife says

I love the beautiful colours of Fall. You have a lovely garden there, Leora.

Jacob da Jew says

I planted my mums last year and they came back nicely. I have red in the front yard and yellow in the back.

Ellie says

They look so fresh! It must be a joy to keep a garden. Herbs and flowers - I enjoyed them whole summer. Do you keep some inside during the winter?

Leora says

I tend to kill plants inside the house. Forget them for days on end, until it's too late. Outside a plant will survive my forgetfulness.

Marites says

I really like the first photo. Good capture! Those are really pretty photos you got here.

Dimple says

Lovely flowers, Leora. I think mums a beautiful, I even like the way they smell!

Meikah Delid says

Oh, I love chrysanthemums! Nice RT! :)

Napaboaniya APAD says

How I envy your green thumbs :P
Lovely rubies!! :)

Paz says

Beautiful, vibrant rubies!

Regina says

Gorgeous blooms!

chubskulit says

Wowowow those are gorgeous flowers!

Please take a peek on my first Ruby Tuesday entry. Seeyah!

Oh ca I ask some help please, I do not know where to grab the badge for the meme. Can you please tell me?

marian says

i love the miniatures..what a happy display they make in a pot :)

Robin from Israel says

Beautiful flowers and very well shot too. I like the way you've composed that first shot, both the depth of field and the complementary colors.

Icy BC says

Beautiful chrysanthemums! I love this colors..

mizhelle says

those are lovely chrysanthemum :)

u may view mine if u have time

Stephanie V says

Your photos are so crisp - just like the clear fall days. Nice red color - not too garish for our eyes.

amanda says

Leora, stunning fall colors those shots are gorgeous!

Mar says

Lovely flowers and beautiful choices for RT!!
Happy RT, mine is here!

ramblingwoods says

Those are really beautiful Leora..some more color is great at this time of year...

Dhaval Jani says

Late as usual to comment:) the main pic is one of my favs from your shots!


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