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East Jersey Olde Towne

New Jersey has many old-fashioned villages, and East Jersey Olde Towne in Piscataway is in biking distance of our home. So my husband and middle son biked out there last week, and my daughter and I came later by car.

Since this is a post for Ruby Tuesday, I focused on photos with a bit of red. There’s the schoolhouse. All of the buildings were moved to this spot from elsewhere in Central New Jersey.

We had fun in the one-room school house, with its pretty red gingham curtains.

Throughout the buildings there are a lot of fake place settings, showing how food might have looked or been served. The buildings are from a variety of periods in New Jersey history.

This sign, with its red border, says the “In the 1970’s, the Indian Queen Tavern was relocated from New Brunswick to East Jersey Olde Town in Piscataway. In 2003, archaeologists uncovered artifacts from the original site of the tavern in New Brunswick.” (On display were a toothbrush, a comb, a shaving mug and a chamber pot.)

On our way out, I photographed this colorful bush, with its red fall foliage display.

For more photos with red, visit Ruby Tuesday:

Jew Wishes says

The photos are beautiful, and I especially love the second one with the stone house and all the wonderful textures and tones.

Ilana-Davita says

Very interesting series. I also like the stone house and the first shot with the sign. I think the bush in the last photo is the same as one of my own.

quiltworks says

Light the ruby curtains is my favorite!

...Ruby door is the perfect background for...

marian says

lovely fav is the red gingham check curtain :))

Kim says

Wow awesome trip you had. Love the pictures that are old and has a history on it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ruby Tuesday Here

Rose says

Nice series for Ruby Tuesday...I like that red trim on the house!

EG Wow! says

Life sure was different back in time a bit but I see they still used colour when they could. I enjoyed this post, Leora.

felisol says

What a peaceful scenery to assemble these historic buildings. Seems like they've been there forever.
I like the harmonic display of the items, each important and unique.
The expression gingham curtains is new to me.
I know the fabric as "kitchen checkered" and I'm very fond of curtains, tablecloths and aprons in that cotton pattern.
From Felisol

Leora says

Interesting, that you don't know the term "gingham." I think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as having a gingham dress.

maryt/theteach says

Seems like a wonderful place to visit, Leora! I'll have to make my way down there one of these days! :)
Good lucky in the RT giveaway! :)

The Cunning Runt says

Very cool - I especially like the glasses-and-apples one, 'cause I'm kinda hungry! ;)

Ralph says

I love historic places, the style, character and visions from the past. We have a number of these quite locally, and the look of long ago. I am left to consider their outhouses and fireplace heat as some of the 'good all days' aspects that are best left in the past. Nice spot and considering that it is in the I-287 corridor, this is a refreshing look at the past...

sailor says

Great shots!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please check out Our last days in Korea

chubskulit says

I love the last shot!

Beauty of the Fall

Happily Retired Gal says

Lovely photos ... nifty red trim on the stone building and kewl gingham curtains ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Dimple says

I also like those curtains, and the inkwell in the schoolroom is a lovely red also.
Thanks for the visit!

Raven says

Lovely series of photos. Looks like a lovely and interesting spot. I especially like the shot with the gingham curtains.

Robin from Israel says

How cool. I never knew there was an Old Towne in Piscataway, I'd have visited.

pinkyshelo says

Lovely old town view.. Love the bits of reds on the roof span..

Anna's Adornments says

This is a nice and subtle series for Ruby Tuesday. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on several earlier posts. It's been hectic, so I am a little behind.
Happy Tuesday!

toby says

Gorgeous! I like the last one the best.

Dianne says

all the photos are wonderful
the bush is my favorite, I love the angle

Meikah says

These shots are pretty! I especially like the shot of the one-room school house, with the light illuminating a red-checked curtain. :)

My RT entry is here.

Auntie E says

I love the old towne and the red on the building are just great finds. happy RT

mizhelle says

awww those are nice photos of rubies!

u may view mine if u have time

Paz says

Lovely touches of red in this old town. Love how you took the car and hubby and son biked there. ;-)


Leora says

Would have preferred if we had all biked. Told the daughter if she learns how to ride a bike, I will buy a bike, too. She tried last spring and got scared. Sigh.

moosh says

Great fall colors!

Patti V. says

Like Ralph said, I too love local history. It's fun to take a step back and consider those who lived here before us.

My favorite photo (if you were wondering) is the exterior shot of the schoolhouse. I also like how the sun is streaming through the gingham curtains. Interesting glimpse into N.J. history, Leora.

Our kids were late in learning how to ride bikes. Neither of them is very athletic, but they have other strengths. ;-)

Sorry I'm visiting late. Happy belated Ruby Tuesday and enjoy
Thanksgiving with your wonderful family.

Leora says

"My favorite photo (if you were wondering)" - yes, I always like to hear!

We specialize in non-athletic kids with other strengths! But both my boys have become good skiers - like me, they like sports that are non-competitive, do at your own pace.

Patti V. says

That's great that your sons are good skiers. I've never been skiing and certainly can't take it up now.

I'd break a few things for sure. haha

ramblingwoods says

I hope your daughter gets comfortable with the idea of a bike ..then next summer, you could all go. My daughter was a little afraid at first.. Falling the first time out didn't help either.. Everyone comes to things in their own time....Michelle


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