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Review in the Tavern

Dinner at East Jersey Olde Towne Tavern
Dinner at East Jersey Olde Towne Tavern

Is this what Thanksgiving dinner looked like in the 19th century in New Jersey? Or a meal on the go when traveling from New York City to Philadelphia? Note the two-pronged sharp fork. We learned at Allaire that’s how forks used to look, until someone figured out it was safer to have a three-pronged less sharp fork. And they ate the food with the knife, using the two-pronged fork to hold the meat steady.

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deer sheep eastjersey_bush
ladder_jacob rudbeckia_november Sculpture If I forget Thee O Jerusalem at RPRY in Edison, New Jersey

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

I have been working at getting interviews with Central New Jersey small businesses, and I plan to start a new series that I have nicknamed “Wednesdays With.” I won’t necessarily limit it to businesses in Central New Jersey, but that’s where I have been asking…hoping to get good, fun responses soon.

Rivster says

What a neat outing. Thanks for sharing what you learned. Can't wait to tell the kids about this ;)

Robin from Israel says

That really does sound like a fun place to visit. I'd always assumed that the old rhyme about eating peas with a knife had some basis in fact, this clinches it ;).

Have a great weekend Leora, and thank you for the link to my red hibiscus too.

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for the link. Will the Wednseday interviews be on this blog or on the other one? I am looking forward to reading them.
Shabbat Shalom!

Leora says

Weds. interviews (which may appear on Tuesday or Thursday sometimes) will be on this blog. All my international readers will learn a lot about New Jersey :-).

Eventually, I will be interviewing small business people, SEO experts, WordPress gurus, marketing experts for the other blog. Not ready for that yet. Still working on getting used to writing informative tech/business posts.

Ellie says

They say in Bulgaria: this dinner will not fill the holes in my teeth :) Looks healthy though. But I like to overeat on occasions like thanksgiving.

Jew Wishes says

Great little bit of history behind the fork. Great photo!


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