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Arts and Gardens in Central New Jersey

bunch of crocuses
Crocuses, March 2009

Some Artsy Events Upcoming in New Jersey

  • Rutgers Gardens will be having a photo contest in early September. I am tempted to enter or at least to visit Rutgers Gardens (a short drive from Highland Park) a few times over the next few months and take photos of the lovely grounds and flora. (hat tip: Jill)
  • Raritan Valley Community College will be showing the ballet Sleeping Beauty in late March. I would love to take my daughter, but it is the week before Passover. I will be “industriously” cleaning my house for Passover.

Jacob informed me via Twitter that he has already started working in his garden. Have you?

EG Wow says

The crocua are lovely. Leora. Started on my garden? Ha! The snow hasn't melted yet! :)

Leora says

We still have some snow in our backyard, but it has been gradually receding this week. I'm hoping to at least do something garden-like on Sunday.

Robin from Israel says

What a gorgeous purple those crocuses are.

We just remembered to turn the water back on on our (rooftop patio) irrigation system after all of the rain over Purim. Does that count as working in the garden LOL?

Leora says


Jientje says

Aaaaah, Spring!!! Doesn't that make your heart sing?

Ilana-Davita says

Here winter doesn't seem to wish to leave. maye someone should tell it it is spring soon.
I don't want to think about Pesach cleaning ... yet.

Jew Wishes says

What beauties those crocuses are...and you captured their essence so wonderfully.

I have a few plants that have buds, and have been tending my garden.

Baila says

Just checking in to say hi, Leora.

The crocuses are beautiful. We don't have those here in Israel. We have red anenomes (calaniot) and some other yellow flower that seem to be everywhere, welcoming Spring.

Louis la Vache says

What a beautiful harbinger of Spring!

ramblingwoods says

can't wait till i see them here..

happilyretired says

Beautiful purple and white blossoms ... lovely signs of Springtime.
Hugs and blessings,


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