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Nature Notes: Compost

Photo of my compost, taken in March 2009

Yesterday I asked who had started working in their garden. One can approach gardening as a chore, a necessity if you are a farmer, or a way to relax. It’s not going to be relaxing if you don’t enjoy it. For some reason, one of my favorite parts of gardening is composting. This past year we even saved compost in the dead of winter; I tried to put it outside right before a snow storm, because at least then it would be covered in snow. In the warmer months I cover the compost with dirt, but as gardeners know, you can’t shovel frozen dirt. I use a composting method that I call Lazy Composting. I like the idea of recycling my kitchen waste back into nature. My other effort toward gardening has been to order peas, inoculant for the peas, and other vegetable and herb seeds.

Do you have a garden? What is your favorite and your least favorite part of gardening?

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stine, Canada says

I compost too, Leora, and have been adding kitchen waste to my compost bins all winter just as I do the rest of the year. I'm a vegetarian so I can add just about anything to the bins. I'm pleased to see you even compost egg shells. Me too. I'll have ti check out lazy composting. :)

I have four packets of annual flower seeds, one of Swiss chard and seeds I collected from my garden last year. I haven't purchased peas yet.

I enjoyed your post!

Leora says

Glad to hear you are also into the gardening/composting. My re-using seeds from the garden is mostly taken dried flowers and sprinkling their seeds elsewhere.

Carver says

As a long time composter, I enjoyed this post. Not to be morbid but I've always said all things equal I'd like my ashes sprinkled on my compost heap after I die. I like the poetry of returning my ashes to my garden nutrients. However, I've told family not to feel obligated if they feel awkward about my idea.

Leora says

I think I can relate to how your family might feel on this one.

Ilana-Davita says

My mother's composting looks very much like yours. I don't work all that much in the garden other than suggesting flowers and herbs and sometimes weeding and mowing the lawn.

ramblingwoods says

I need to do this and the more simple the better. I am embarrassed that I haven't yet..Thank you for giving me the information...Michelle

Eileen says

Great idea, I should have my family start a compost pile too. Thanks for reminder.

Jew Wishes says

Gardening, for me, is a joy. I love growing vegetables, such as tomatoes, broccoli, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, etc. I love watching my flowers grow, from shoots to buds to blossoms.

Gardening is a passion of mine, and a rewarding one.

Vicki says

Hi, Leora. I've just begun to collect coffee grounds, egg shells and trimmings from the kitchen. We inherited a large heap of manure and grass clippings from the former owners, and I'm hoping to turn it into a regular compost pile this year. I've never done composting before, so we'll have to see how it goes. (Thanks for the link!)

My favorite part of gardening is picking fresh veggies and photographing the flowers. Least favorite would be battling weeds and diseases.


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