Apple Pie and KCC

apple pie
Want a piece of apple pie? Use this pie crust, take four granny smith apples, peel ’em, slice ’em and toss sugar and cinnamon all over them. Put the apples in the pre-baked crust, cover with additional crust dough (throw some oatmeal in the top crust), and bake for about 50-60 minutes in a 350° oven.

Want more recipes? I will be hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival on May 16, so be sure to visit on that day. If you are a blogging cook or a cooking blogger and have a kosher recipe to share, please submit the post. Kosher Cooking Carnival is a blog carnival about kosher food, halachot (laws), customs, reviews of restaurants and cookbooks. If you want to host a KCC or for more information, visit Batya.

Like food photos? I have fresh slaw for Thursday Challenge, to be posted some time after 8 pm Eastern Time this evening.

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