Earth Day in Highland Park; Benjy in NJ

Blossoms on N. 8th Avenue in Highland Park, New Jersey
Blossoms on N. 8th Avenue in Highland Park, New Jersey

Next week on Thursday, April 22 from 6 to 9 pm there will be an Earth Day Extravaganza and a health fair at the Highland Park High School.

Also, stand up comedian Benji Lovitt reports he will be in Whippany, New Jersey on April 18: “Because the Middle East is funny.”

Last night my husband and I attended our first college application planning meeting along with a roomful of other parents at my son’s school. College? Wasn’t he just born yesterday?

13 thoughts on “Earth Day in Highland Park; Benjy in NJ

  • I am also in the midst of SATS and college applications with Flash. It is quite a shock to the system to realize that our little boys are making grown up plans, isn’t it?

  • That’s nice to hear that the school has an explanatory evening for the parents. BA”H, our eldest is about to graduate high school, and such an event would’ve been very helpful…

    • We get to go to another one next year… the school is very organized about all this. We also got the talk about going to Israel for a year…don’t pick yeshiva for your son just to say “My son goes to such-and-such well-known yeshiva.”

    • Useful? A bit. It starts the conversation about getting ready.

      No, he’s in tenth grade. So he has two years before applying to college. Next year he takes the SATs. This year he will probably take the SAT subject test for chemistry; last year he took it for biology. Then he might go to Israel for a year before college, but he applies to college in 12th grade.

      It hasn’t changed all that much since I applied; there’s a writing test on the SATs, but other than that, they just changed the names of the tests. The stress is still there.

  • Oh I know what you mean, Leora, Our daughter is graduating from the University of Hartford next month. Then what??


    And our son is a sophomore there. The time does fly.

    Too bad those pretty blossoms already are on the ground. It must have rained.

  • I wonder if kids ever think time has gone by so fast. Humming to myself Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the roof. Strange how time seems to go even faster when older.

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