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Happy Birthday Israel

march for Israel 2009
Here is a scene from last year’s march around the block for Israel. Will I make it to the little school parade today? Busy day ahead … we shall see. My daughter is already dressed in blue and white in honor of the birthday of the State of Israel.

Ilana-Davita says

I hope you will share your photos with us if you attend today.
Is the weather as beautiful as last year?

Leora says

Just came back - glorious day in New Jersey! I took a few photos and left (business meeting soon). Left my daughter with her little camera so she could take her own photos.

Rabbi Gross read a nice statement from Benjamin Netanyahu.

Paz says

Very cool! Happy Birthday, Israel!


ellen b. says

A very Happy Birthday to Israel! Happy Ruby Tuesday, too!

Jew Wishes says

Indeed, Happy Birthday, Israel!

Batya from Shiloh says

I remeber; you posted them didn't you?

Leora says

Yes, the link is on this post.

EG Wow says

How cool that your daughter is dressed in blue and white! Haapy birthday, Israel!

Louis la Vache says

Don't miss Michael Ledeen's
"We are all Israelis"


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