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Rhododendron – SOOC

Rhododendron Buds and Leaves - Straight Out of Camera

It is fun to watch as the perennials prepare to bloom – today I saw that my bleeding heart had popped out of the ground. Daffodils are now in bloom, as are cherry trees and magnolias. Crocuses and snowdrops have already faded away. Tulips and columbines are green and showing budding signs.

On this previous post you can see the rhododendron in bloom last year.

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Judy says

I bet that is just beautiful in full bloom. I had one years ago. My bleeding hearts are starting to pop up too. I can't wait till their in bloom.

Jan says

Yes, I think Spring is a great time of year, too. I've got lots of blooms; I'm lovin' it.

EG Wow says

It is fun to watch plants come up in the spring, isn't it? My gardens are behind yours but they are coming alive too. YAY

Ilana-Davita says

Your garden sounds remarkably like mine at the moment. We also have periwinkles and the forsythias are in bloom.

Leora says

Yes, we also have yellow forsythias showing their flowers in the backyard, and neighbors down the block are featuring periwinkles. Similar spring stage!

gengen says

I do not have a garden yet since I am in other state sigh...Happy SOOC Sunday.

shydub says

I bet it'll bloom soon and will look beautiful.

Sherrie says

Everything is blooming around here too. The Magnolia Trees are budding up. Have a great day!

A View of My Life

Jill says

Pretty! we have one by our front door that is getting huge!

happilyretired says

How wonderful to see signs of Spring in your part of the world ... just in time for Easter.
Hugs and blessings,

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely photo and look of things to come.


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