June Rhododendron

rhododendron mid may
This photo is actually from May, as is the one below.
rhododendron middle may

It’s good I took photos in the middle of May, because if you look below, you will see what is left of my rhododendron flowers in early June.
rhododendron June flower gone

rhododendron June 2
Maybe it was the heat wave, or maybe they just don’t last very long. I’ve never paid much attention to the blooming of my rhododendron – it’s good I’m playing the First of the Month theme so I can observe.

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rhododendron taken May 2, 2011 rhododendron buds in April 2011 rhododendron february snowy
May April February

Rhododendron of May

rhododendron taken May 2, 2011
Here is my rhododendron photo for First of the Month. Not that different than the April rhododendron, is it? I noticed a few brown spots in May.

However, a glance back at February looks a bit chillier and droopier:
rhododendron february snowy

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Rhododendron – SOOC

Rhododendron Buds and Leaves - Straight Out of Camera

It is fun to watch as the perennials prepare to bloom – today I saw that my bleeding heart had popped out of the ground. Daffodils are now in bloom, as are cherry trees and magnolias. Crocuses and snowdrops have already faded away. Tulips and columbines are green and showing budding signs.

On this previous post you can see the rhododendron in bloom last year.

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