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Rhododendron of May

rhododendron taken May 2, 2011
Here is my rhododendron photo for First of the Month. Not that different than the April rhododendron, is it? I noticed a few brown spots in May.

However, a glance back at February looks a bit chillier and droopier:
rhododendron february snowy

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first of the month

Pamela says

Mine are about the same growth as yours... but I think half of the buds got nipped by the frost last week. Last week of April and we had frost that bit grapes, fruit trees, and my Rhodies

Alan says

Hi Leora,

What a contrast between the photos taken in February and May. It's amazing what wonders a lil' warm sunshine can do. Happy May!

faye says

We have some trees and shrubs that we shouldn't try to grow in this area because of the spring frosts--like saucer magnolias. However, by the time the rhodies and azaleas bloom it's safe from cold. Looks like it still may be a challenge for you.

Leora says

The rhododendron next to this one looks pretty dead, although there is one set of green leaves at the bottom (the rest are dead brown). I have to cut it down - another garden project on the list.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice to see the differences. In the May photo, the bush looks "healthier".
Maybe I should start this meme. Once a month isn't as demanding as once a week.

Leora says

I just find I will always be a little late. This month May 1 fell on Shabbat, but at least Sunday was a bright and lovely day, so I could at least take the photo. But then I had lots of other things I needed to do before I got around to doing the post.

As long as others have similar issues of not being able to photograph and post right away, the visiting could be spread over the first week.

EG Wow says

Such a BIG difference since February! :)

Judy says

I can't wait to see this in bloom.

Sherrie says

We are having the same weather here. One day it's sunny and warm the next cold and rainy. Nice shot of your rhododendron. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

EG Wow says

The rhodo looks so healthy right now!


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