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June Rhododendron

rhododendron mid may
This photo is actually from May, as is the one below.
rhododendron middle may

It’s good I took photos in the middle of May, because if you look below, you will see what is left of my rhododendron flowers in early June.
rhododendron June flower gone

rhododendron June 2
Maybe it was the heat wave, or maybe they just don’t last very long. I’ve never paid much attention to the blooming of my rhododendron – it’s good I’m playing the First of the Month theme so I can observe.

For more First of the Month photos:
first of the month

rhododendron taken May 2, 2011 rhododendron buds in April 2011 rhododendron february snowy
May April February

Teresa says

The end of May photos are certainly beautiful. I'm glad you've included them. I love doing this each month and becoming more aware of the world around me.

EG Wow says

The rhododendron was beautiful at the end of May. I had to take my photo of my apple tree at the end of May too as the petals had fallen off the tree by June 1st. :))

Ilana-Davita says

The middle of May shots are lovely. Every time I see your photos for "first of the month" I think I should join and then I forget. Maybe I should take photos from my kitchen windows; there are lots of flowers and bushes and the view differs from one month to the next.

Leora says

And I'm thinking of changing subjects - maybe a piece of my kitchen. The rhododendron changes so slowly - most of the change was in May.

Crafty Green poet says

rhododendrons have such beautiful flowers, glad you caught them in May!

Rayna Eliana says

How beautiful the pictures are. I love their tones and contrasts, and the captures of spring beginnings.

Carver says

I love rhododendron. This is a gorgeous one.

Beyond the Dog Dish says

It's always the most stunning blooms that fade the quickest. Certainly that was one very stunning bloom!


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