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Inn with Orange Hills

country inn at Jiminy Peak with orange mountains in background
I took this photo of the Country Inn at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts back in January. I love both the round and triangular elements of the facade and the orange color of late afternoon on the mountains.

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G6 says


Ilana-Davita says

Unusual colors! This is beautiful.

Ilana-Davita says

P.S. I came back to check if the impression I had of the time of day was correct. It was. :-)

EWok says

I was curious about the title :)

Great shot. The hill does look orangey.

Leora says

Truth is, I was hesitant to post this shot because the color looks fake to me. But that's what I saw and that's what the camera captured.

Louise | Italy says

Nice shot -- the building reminds me sooo much of the US!

EG Wow says

I wonder what made the trees look so orange. Very interesting light!

Jew Wishes says

How lovely and vibrant the hills are with the late afternoon color on them.

Batya from Shiloh says

The orange definitel looks fake, but nature is frequently surprising.

maryt/theteach says

An incredible shot, Leora! The difference between foreground and background is very imressive! :)

Jane says

I love this photo!


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