Red at Rutgers Gardens Sale

marigolds and red salvia at Rutgers Gardens Plant Sale
marigolds and red salvia at Rutgers Gardens Plant Sale
I finally made it to the famous (at least in Central New Jersey) Rutgers Gardens Annual Plant Sale. I wasn’t disappointed with the plants but with the crowds – there were just too many people there! We had to park all the way near the highway and walk all the way down to the pavilion by the Raritan River. Why were so many people available on a Friday? I can understand seniors or moms with kids, but young couples hand-in-hand? Neither had a full-time job they needed to be at – or maybe they both thought it was worth a day off or a leisurely lunch hour (more like leisurely three hours, to get the most out of the sale).

woman at plant sale

Do you have popular plant sales where you live?
more red flowers

And these are just photos of the annuals!

For more photos with a little or a LOT of red, visit:
Ruby Tuesday

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