Salute to Israel Parade 2010

RPRY in Edison, New Jersey
This year I said I would not take a lot of pictures. I would not, I would not, I would not. I came home and emptied a mere 126 images unto my external hard drive. This post features schools from New Jersey that marched in the Salute to Israel Parade down 5th Avenue in New York City in May 2010.

RPRY dancers
Next year my daughter will be old enough to march with her school. Her school, RPRY in Edison, always features dancers as a highlight.

TABC Torah Academy of Bergen County
It’s a lot of fun when you know the person holding the banner, and he enthusiastically smiles at you. This is my eldest son’s school, Torah Academy of Bergen County.

We recognized several of the students of Kushner Hebrew Academy and Kushner Yeshiva High School of Livingston, New Jersey.

Yavneh Academy
Yavneh Academy had a sunny theme.

kites Queensboro
I liked the bright kites. Related to the sunny theme.

Solomon Schecter of Raritan Valley
Here is Solomon Schecter Day School of Raritan Valley.

JEC Elizabeth, New Jersey
JEC of Elizabeth, New Jersey had a lively, colorful banner.

Frisch School banner
I captured the banner for the Frisch School of Paramus, New Jersey just as we were leaving the parade. We didn’t stay for the whole time – as it is, we didn’t get back home until 5 pm.

jerusalem is the capital
No idea what organization held this banner that reads “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

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