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Gateway in Rutgers Gardens

gate at rutgers gardens
Here’s how some of the plots at Rutgers Gardens looked in early May. I expect in one month those piles of dirt will be showing flowers and/or vegetables.

sun on a gate in Rutgers Gardens
I like how they didn’t just put up a gate; this doorway with a sun is a welcoming feature.

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Jew Wishes says

I like the overview in the first photo, where we see the mounds of dirt and the varied plots.

The gate is a wonderful touch, adding emotion and charm to the gardens. The texture blends are wonderful.

Ilana-Davita says

That's a wonderful design!

EG Wow says

I like this gate a lot. Is it made of metal?

Leora says

I thought it was wood. I'll have to get up close to it sometime in the next month or two and report back.

Dimple says

Very attractive gate, and perfect for a garden!

maryt/theteach says

I look forward to see the flower beds in full bloom, Leora! :)

Lew says

Nice entrance to the garden. I would guess the fence is to keep the wildlife from eating the garden. Thasnk for visiting my windows. The first two images were taken last July and there were not many people out. Both are shops on the first floor. I don't know if people live upstairs. The alley beside the last house was quiet, but their were lots of people one the main streets May 1 when that one was taken.

Leora says

"keep the wildlife from eating the garden" - oh, I'm sure. We have a lot of garden lovers in our area! Small ones and big ones (deer).

Yael says

I am pretty sure that is a wood gate, if memory serves me correctly.
I have always loved Rutger's Gardens.
I really used to love that bamboo forest there.
Thanks for bringing back fond memories for me.
Always great to check into your blog.
Boy I wish I could get myself out on a canoe!
Good for you.
Shabbat Shalom.

Leora says

Nice to hear from you, Yael. I'll try to visit Rutgers Gardens once per month - I think that would be fun. But time sure slips by fast, with work and kids and...


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