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Window Shopping in Deal

shoes in Deal
My daughter and I went window shopping in Deal, New Jersey (all the stores were closed at the time – it was a Sunday night – not that we would have bought anything, anyway) a few weeks ago. We had eaten at the local kosher Chinese Japanese restaurant. You would not catch me wearing any of these shoes. Mine are much closer to the ground.

shopping in Deal, New Jersey
Here is my daughter striking a pose in front of a children’s clothing shop.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit:
Ruby Tuesday

Louis la Vache says

Fashionable as high heels might be, «Louis» has always thought they must be torturous to wear!

Leora says

«Louis» is correct.

Carletta says

Well, looking at those shoes on the left I'd say they could be Christian Louboutin's and I couldn't buy them if I could wear them!
Looks like a shop the Sex and The City girls would visit. Or Oprah as she favors those red soles. :)
Your daughter is as lovely as ever and growing up fast.

felisol says

High heels are so classy,so incredibly ladylike. I, alas, cannot wear them, I've trodden over and hurt my ankles too often.
My daughter buy them and makes funny exhibitions with high heels and gloves as centerpieces.
A good thing that the stores were closed.
I had never been able to resist those longing eyes
of your daughter. I'd probably come home with much more than I could afford.
How beautiful she is!

Nonizamboni says

Every visit to your site guarantees something interesting and fun. Love your daughter's pose and wish, wish, wish I could wear those classy pumps!

Manang Kim says

Oh wow those shoes are awesome! Your daughter is pretty! Happy RT!

Red is emergency

John says

You have a future model or should I say shopper hehehe..

Ralph says

Your daughter is a true beauty! She needs no accouterments to make her prettier. Here, I have the advantage in not walking, as when I see shoes like this the mere look makes my ankles, calves and feet ache!

Ilana-Davita says

I wouldn't wear such shoes either. I like to feel comfortable when I walk and I feel this is very important in my job.
You daughter is changing, as in growing up, but she is still extremely cute.

Gemma@Greyscale says

Those high heels are so stylish and very beautiful! But there is no way I could wear them all day teaching. I have to wear "sensible" shoes so that my feet survive the day! And the look on your daughter's face is so cute!

EG Wow says

Pretty to look at but not fun to wear for a klutz like me. :)

chubskulit says

Lovely high heels and so is your daughter!

therapydoc says

Oh, is she cute. Better on the feet, seriously, not to have to wear heels.

Bonnie Bonsai says

I will die wearing those high heeled shoes. I prefer to look petit than slipping down haha.

Your pretty girl compliments the red dress behind her.

life ramblings says

beautiful high heels and you've such a lovely daughter.

Eileen says

They a too high for me, too. Great photos and your daughter is cute! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

lazyclick says

Very fashionable items.

Susan L says

I was in New Jersey last year ... in August on holiday visiting my step son and his family near Brick Church. I had the best time and seeing your photos of NJ bring it back so well.
My Ruby Redness

Dianne says

she has such a sweet pretty face :)

I love shoes with the red bottoms but could never wear them
I view them as sculptures

Leora says

Sculptures sounds like a great term for those objects!

Joanne Olivieri says

Your daughter is adorable. Those red heel shoes are stunning to say the least.

Jew Wishes says

What wonderful shots! Your daughter is beautiful, and I love her girlie.

I wear shoes very close to the ground, and for the life of me, can't imagine myself in high heels any more, although about twenty years++ ago, I did wear them for professional reasons.

Paz says

I'm amazed that some are able to wear those heels. Mind are very, very close to the ground, too. Actually, no heels. ;-)

What a beautiful model your daughter makes.


mizhelle says

we do that most of the times too! she is such a cutie :)

u may view mine here

Robin from Israel says

Your daughter has that fashion model ennui thing down pat - what a pose :).

As for the shoes, I'd break my ankle just looking at them through the window!

Re the flowers, I suspect it's not so much the climate difference between J'lem and TA as the fact that I am possessed of the Black Thumb of Death - flowers see me coming and just keel over dead LOL.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Leora says


Here is a photo of my mom in a similar pose:

The two never met (my daughter is named for my mother), but the pose must be genetic!


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