Asbury Park on July 4th

Asbury Park beach on the 4th of July, 2010 before the fireworks
Here’s the scene a few hours before the fireworks on the 4th of July at Asbury Park beach on the New Jersey shore. It was a great place to people watch. We had been sitting in the area where there are white nets shown in the picture, but then some policemen nicely kicked us off that part of the beach because the fireworks were going to be there. It was worth the hot drive down to the shore, the waiting around in a crowded area, and the annoyance of needing to move our stuff for the 15 minutes of fireworks. See a few of the fireworks on my Skywatch post.

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15 thoughts on “Asbury Park on July 4th

  • It’s so great to see people getting ready for the fireworks… I sure hope we here in the Philippines would be as enthusiastic as that whenever the Independence Day comes.

    My SOOC Sunday post is up HERE.

  • How fun to see the fireworks up close and personal. From your recent posts it sounds like Asbury Park is really having a resurgence, it sure wasn’t like that when we were growing up.

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    • Yes, my in-laws and my husband are happy about this – when we were first married, 17 years ago, he showed me Asbury and how run down it was. Their synagogue used to be in Asbury, and they ended up selling it to a church (with a middleman to make it halachically possible).

  • Ah! Waiting for the fireworks. We do the same thing in Canada, only three days earlier on Canada’s Birthday. Canada wasn’t born till 1867, though.

  • Oh yes I like to see crowds waiting for the fireworks. Last night hubby and I did that too. And it’s worth it we thought the firework display is in front of us but turns out it’s on our side which is more closer to us. That was really fun and hope to see more next year. Thanks for sharing!

    Streak of yellow

  • That looks like a fun event although you are braver than me to deal with it considering the heatwave on the east coast. Then again when my daughter was growing up I tended to do more outside even when the heat would be a deterrent for me now.

    • It was 7 pm once we got to the beach – the beach wasn’t so hot at that time. The hottest part of the day was driving down in the car – that felt oppressive. On the way back, I said, oh, the air-conditioner does work in the car. I guess when the temperature is over 100, the car just can’t cool off enough.

  • We didn’t attend the local fireworks show this year, but I remember many times waiting on the beach for the show to begin. It is worth the inconvenience, I agree!

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