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Lilies and Rudbeckia

lilies in front of rudbeckia
I like shooting photos so the object in the front is clear and the background has a blur (or bokeh). Here are orange lilies in front of yellow rudbeckia.

rudbeckia in front of lily
The rudbeckia are shown in front of the day lilies. I have rudbeckia (commonly Black-Eyed Susans) all over my yard.

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Indrani says

They are beautiful Leora!
I didn't know the second flower's name, but now I know. :)

Ilana-Davita says

I like the blurred effect too. Unfortunately it is something I can't achieve with the camera on the phone. I need the real thing for that but in some places the real thing is a bit conspicuous.

EG Wow says

I have a few rudbeckia too. They like to spread. :) I also have a few daylilies. LOL

Carletta says

Love the depth of field in both of these Leora!
I was just telling my Hubs today that he must have cut and dug out my Rudbeckia last fall without realizing it. As of now he is banned from the garden beds. :)

ramblingwoods says

Beautiful...I like the way you photographed these flowers....

Manang Kim says

I do love your bokeh shots the flowers just popped out in it's beauty. Happy Sunday!

Day Lilies

Louis la Vache says

Nice reversal, showing the lilies clearly first then the black-eyed susans. Again, another fine watercolor subject...

lazyclick says

These flowers are very beautiful.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Beautiful photos of the flowers, I'm glad you know all the names.

Jew Wishes says

I like the effects. The tones are stunning, such beautiful photos.

Magical Mystical Teacher says

blooming dawn till dusk
then they’re gone

Carver says

The lilies and rudbeckia are so beautiful. I love the big splash of color they make.


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