Squirrel, Berries and Lily

squirrel with strawberry
I caught this squirrel with a strawberry in his mouth (is it a wild strawberry or one of our garden strawberries – not sure, but it looks like the wild kind). So I grabbed my camera and decided to do Nature Notes. I confess, I haven’t been doing much observing of nature, though I have been gardening. My peas did very well in their cage this spring; I saw a deer walk right past the gardening cage (but the deer did take a chomp out of the tomato plants that were outside the cage).

orange lily
I did not plant this tall lily in this spot behind my pink rose bush. I used to have similar lilies in a different part of my garden; I probably pulled them all out by mistake when I was weeding. Or they died a natural death. So I was surprised to see a lily blossom elsewhere in my yard.

The raspberries that grow on old can are now ripening in our backyard. The ones on new cane are usually more abundant, and we get to enjoy those in August. Last year wasn’t a great crop; maybe this year will be better? I read somewhere that one should prune the raspberry bushes so they have space in between them. I tried to do some pruning last year. It is hard to photograph a raspberry – the camera doesn’t realize you want to focus on that tiny berry.

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Review with Orange Lilies

orange lilies in front of yellow rudbeckia

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Lilies and Rudbeckia

lilies in front of rudbeckia
I like shooting photos so the object in the front is clear and the background has a blur (or bokeh). Here are orange lilies in front of yellow rudbeckia.

rudbeckia in front of lily
The rudbeckia are shown in front of the day lilies. I have rudbeckia (commonly Black-Eyed Susans) all over my yard.

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Today’s Flowers: Lily, Coreopsis and a Pink Mystery

Lilies are in bloom in front of my home (along with dianthus, rudbeckia, sedum and coreopsis). My basil plants have done well enough that I was able to make a basil pesto with noodles on Friday – recipe to be posted later this week.

Coreopsis come back year after year, as long as they get full sun and are not crowded out by some more aggressive plant.

I photographed this tall pink perennial in my friend’s backyard in June; anyone know what it is? My friend said the previous owner was an avid gardener, and her family reaps the benefits. Valkyrien seems to think these are Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea), in which case I should plan to grow some of these beauties in my yard in the future.

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Today’s Flowers: Red Lily


It’s been wet, wet, wet here in New Jersey. My garden is happy.

I am trying to detect which kind of lily this is. See Wikipedia for the varieties of lilies. I have others that seem to be day lilies; they bloom on and off throughout the summer. This one blooms once per bud, then it usually gets knocked over and that’s it for the season. My guess: it is some kind of Asiatic lily, because of the leaves. The stem looks like these Asiatic Lilies.

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