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Nature Notes: Baby Animals

bird family
This family of birds was living in the rafters at the Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, New Jersey.

calf milking a cow
My daughter had the opportunity to milk a cow at the farm. On the left is that cow’s calf, whose birth helped the cow be a plentiful nurser.

In local sad news, the mama of the guinea pigs we adopted for the summer has died. We buried her in our backyard. In the words of my veterinarian friend, she was “geriatric” (over four years old). The guinea pigs’ original owner comforted me over the phone, saying, I was afraid this might happen. I think I was more upset than my daughter. My daughter noticed that I’ve been checking on the remaining two a lot, and she said I’m glad you don’t fret over me like that.

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In memory of Bobbie (click to read Michelle’s memorable post about her dear friend):

Mrs. S. says

Your daughter looks like she's enjoying herself!

My daughter is very excited, because a travelling petting zoo is coming to her day camp tomorrow.

Leora says

Sounds like we both have animal lovers as daughters!

Eileen says

Love the baby animals and birds. Your daughter looks happy to be helping out.

EG Wow says

The barn swallows are so cute and I very much like the photo of yout daughter ;earning to milk a cow. I'm jealous. I have never learned to do that!

So sorry about the guinea pig but your daughter's comment made me laugh. What a precious little girl she is!

Caron says

I'm also sorry about the guinea pig, but that comment about fretting over your daughter is the best!

Ilana-Davita says

Nice and interesting layout for this post.
I love your daughter's words!

Denise says

How sad about the little guinea pig. My sister's family had them and they were such lovely animals with loads of personality.

Very cute photo of your daughter at the farm. My son was fortunate enough to visit the family farm in ND with his grandpa every summer for about ten years. He grew up learning how hard our farmers have to work, as he fitted right in with the family and did chores expected for his age. It was a great learning experience and one he remembers fondly to this day.

Love the pictures of the birds and calf also.
An English Girl Rambles

ramblingwoods says

Cute photos at the farm..I am sorry about the little pet. It is so hard for children to understand, but maybe it is a necessary life lesson. I think those are swallows in that nest, but not sure. Thank you so much for adding the Bobbie badge to the post Leora....Michelle

Leora says

Thanks, Michelle. Yes, part of the idea of taking on pets was to learn about life. Seems not only my daughter learned from this.

We've noticed that the other two guinea pigs, the sisters of the mama, have been quieter lately. Perhaps guinea pigs can mourn, too?

Swallows? That's a good clue, anyway.

AscenderRisesAbove says

great shots (it has been forever since i visited - i know!) are those baby birds still that small?

Ellie says

So precious! We had a nest on the top of a column of the stairs this year - some small birds with red tummies. So cute!


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