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Asbury Park Theatre

asbury park theater
Facade of the Asbury Park Theater, New Jersey Shore

The Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, New Jersey was built in 1927: The entire complex was designed in a combination Italian-French style, with an emphasis on nautical themes in recognition of its oceanfront location. The interior of the theatre was dominated by gold, black, and purple, and featured a giant rosette on the ceiling.

Thursday Challenge theme is CREATIVITY (Art, Music, Writing, Photography, Architecture, Handicraft,…).

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Ilana-Davita says

The building reminds me of Verona. It looks beautiful.

magiceye says

this is beautiful

Jew Wishes says

I like the perspective in this lovely capture of architectural creativity.

It is a beautiful building.

foto CHIP says

I guess there are lots of creativity going on here :)

foto-rolero54 says

A splendid photograph, really!
Good day with you,


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