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Batsto Village in Sepia

roof of the store at Batsto Historical Village
On Sunday we headed down to the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey and visited the Batsto Historical Village. The village was built around the iron industry in the late 18th and early 19th century. When the ironworks was abandoned for more profitable iron in Pennsylvania, it became a glass blowing village for a few years. Then Joseph Wharton, a Philadelphia businessman, bought it in 1876, fixed up the main house and built it up as an agricultural area. Today it is a fun place to visit for both history and nature lovers.

doorway to a building in Batsto Village
The top photo, with the roof and chimney, is of the village store. I took the store photo with the sepia setting on my camera. The bottom one is of some storage building in the village.

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Ralph says

That is a wonderful building, especially in the antique feeling sepia. I have heard of the town, but haven't been. I believe glass was a huge product from NJ once, and perhaps the south Jersey sand was plentiful enough to create glass works of art. Very nice capture and edit!

Leora says

Thanks, Ralph.

I took a good number of photos, so I'll be sharing more over the next week or two.

Jew Wishes says

What lovely and nostalgic looking photos. The sepia tones give it more of the old-time feel.

Ewok says

old building lends itself so magnificently in sepia treatment. wonderful post.

EG Wow says

This is absolutely wonderful in sepia, Leora! I'd say this is my kind of place to visit since it's great for history and nature lovers. :)

Manang Kim says

For sure in those time this building is busy with people. Indeed a great place for nature lovers. Happy Wednesday!

Sepia Scene

Ilana-Davita says

Interesting to have a sepia setting on a camera. I have my eyes on a new one but I haven't checked this (yet).
I like the second shot best, probably because of the texture you have managed to capture.

Leora says

Actually, I had to fidget with the settings to get a sepia setting. Monochrome is a standard, but you have adjust to get a sepia.

Perry says

Nice roof line on the store. Thanks for sharing! Here is my entry.

toby says

Really interesting! I especially like the second shot - if that door and window could speak...

maryt/theteach says

You've intro'ed me to a place I can visit... thank you Leora! And thank you for participating in window Views! :)

Mar says

What a lovely place and great sepia effect.

My windows

carolyUSA says

This is an excellent sepia! Old windows and doors...perfect.

ASSA - Norway says

Lovely old doors an windows!


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