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Batsto Village Reds

main house at Batsto Historical Village
This is the main house at Batsto Historical Village. Originally built in the 18th century, businessman Joseph Wharton added unto and renovated the house. We received a tour of the large, spacious house, but no pictures were allowed, similar to our tour of the house at Allaire State Park. If you want historical homes in New Jersey where you can take photos, try Longstreet Farm or East Jersey Olde Towne.

This old-fashioned stage coach seems to scream: I want to be in a Ruby Tuesday post!

Richards and Joseph Wharton
Pictured in the little museum in the visitor center are Batsto village owners William Richards (early 19th century) and Joseph Wharton (second half of the 19th century). The man on the left may be Charles Read of the 18th century. See history of Batsto Village.

Pure Turkish Emery
Pure Turkish emery was one of the items advertised for sale in the Batsto shop. Note the crescent moon on the advertisement. This was from the days of the Ottoman Empire.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red, visit Ruby Tuesday:
Ruby Tuesday

Maria @ LSS says

Wonderful photos!

Maria @ LSS

Liza says

Lots of reds there. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

EG Wow says

What a shame they won't let you take photos inside. Hmmm. I wonder why! The coach looks to be in very good condition.

Leora says

The explanation at Allaire was historic preservation - I guess the flash harms the environment? Easier to ban all picture taking than to say only without flash.

Carletta says

Such wonderful architecture. I'd spend my time in the 'crows nest' atop that house.
The stage coach seems in excellent condition. I can almost hear the clip clop on cobblestone streets.
We have some Wharton's here in our area - car dealers. :)
Wonderful post Leora.

Jew Wishes says

What wonderful captures of mood and times gone by.

Happy RT!

pagan sphinx says

Love the museum relics!

Ilana-Davita says

You took a lot of photos during that visit.
I like the stage coach and the Turkish emery.

Leora says

Yes, and now our family needs to go someplace new and photogenic so I will have new pics to post.

Nonizamboni says

My kind of place to visit! Thanks for showing us what caught your eye. Hope your summer has been a good one, Leora.

Manang Kim says

Oh wow I thought this place is in Europe. Good thing that this house is preserved and being taking cared of. An awesome place to visit. Happy Tuesday!
Red Fireworks

Eileen says

Looks like a cool place to visit, great photos! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

regszikora says

awesome pics here, I love these old and historic places. I live and own one but not to this historic value

Louis la Vache says

A nice, historical Ruby Tuesday post, Leora.

chubskulit says

Very nice place to visit.

felisol says

The main house in the Batsto village with its towers,arcs and chimneys looks like it can tell a thousand adventures.
From childhood on I've loved attics. I'd sure like to spend some time here.
The owners,on the other hand, look a bit overwhelming. I'd prefer not to meet their ghosts.

The stage coach must be the real thing of the many replicas I have seen in movies. Great.

I love history, even if I don't like everything I learn from the past.

P.S. I've read the Maddox biography called Nora. It is not flattering to JJ either.
Then again, neither Bloom not Dedalus are described as likable guys. On the contrary.
Seems to me that Joyce was his own worst critic.
Henrik Ibsen has said, "writing is to hold Domesday over oneself."
Then again, what a sparkling, rich and powerful Day Ulysses is. Full of allegories, music, history, love and hate, critic and praise.
I'm totally lost.
Gunnar found a ca half hour sound recording of Joyce reading some of his colorful writing.
If you want to, I can e-mail it to you.

Leora says

We didn't get to see the third floor... I remember the guide said there was a game room up there. A 19th century game room does sound interesting. Cards and pool? No computer games for them.

ramblingwoods says

I did hear it scream too Leora...

Jientje says

Ooooh yes, that stage coach is perfect for a Ruby Tuesday post!


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