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Dinner in the 1890’s at Longstreet Farm

dinner at Longstreet Farm: ham, bread, asparagus, blue china
We haven’t gone on many trips this summer, as it has been quite hot, other than to the pool. Here’s dinner at the Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, New Jersey as it may have been in the 1890’s. Looks like they are having ham, asparagus, grapes, lemons and — is that challah?— a twisted bread, served on delicate blue china. We are planning to go on a family trip today.

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maryt/theteach says

Looks dee-lish, Leora. I wish I had something else to show on my posts except the pool. :)

Robin from Israel says

Mmmm... blueberries and asparagus - yum!

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Carver says

What a spread. That looks wonderful. I hope you have a fun family trip.

Mrs. S. says

Challah... and ham? What an, er, interesting juxtaposition... ;-)
But then again, so is the delicate blue china and the heavy, wooden-handled silverware!

Enjoy your family trip!

Leora says

"Challah… and ham"- yes, that was precisely our reaction when we saw this display!

Ilana-Davita says

This seems quite reasonable, unless it is just the starters. I am often amazed in museums at menus which display an incredible number of dishes.

Have a safe journey and enjoy your trip!

Jessica Sieghart says

One food I can't resist is ham! I just love it (especially if drizzles with raisin sauce) and never tire of it. That looks like my kind of table! Hope it was as yummy as it looks!

Jew Wishes says

What a wonderful photo...with some wonderful food. I like the china.


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