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Bridge over Raritan River

bridge under Route 18
Sometimes you can photograph an ordinary bridge and get some good shots. This bridge goes over the Raritan River, and on top is Route 18, a busy thoroughfare that takes you from New Brunswick, through East Brunswick, and eventually leads down to the Jersey Shore area.

top of bridge of Route 18
This is the top of the bridge. I liked the colorful leaves growing on the fence.

graffiti under bridge
Unfortunately, graffiti is too common a site on bridges in our area.

bridge near Rutgers Gardens
The bottom of the bridge with the Raritan River: the bridge is at the end of our walk that started at Rutgers Gardens.

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Louis la Vache says

Excellent contribution to Sunday Bridges, Leora.

(«Louis» agrees with you about the blight of graffiti...)

ann new zealand says

Looks like bridge architects go to the same school. One of Auckland's bridge is like yours. Where are you?

Leora says

New Jersey, USA

luna miranda says

i love how you showed us the different angles of this bridge. i like the last shot.

Ilana-Davita says

Another interesting meme. Wondering whether I'll have the time to post.
I don't like graffiti much either but somehow they look quite acceptable in your photo.

Leora says

Louis does this bridge meme every week! So you can join in whenever your bridge post is ready.

cieldequimper says

Oh I really like the first one.

Leora says

Oh, good, that's my favorite, too. I really like how the simple arches create an interesting composition. Kudos to the engineer.

Bonjour Luxembourg says

Your page is fabulous, very interesting, congratulations! :)
And thanks a lot for this set of pictures, the bridge is wonderful and I love the different angles that you show here.

Francisca says

Hello Leora! Nice perspectives on your bridge. Like others I enjoy the angle of the first shot.

[Bare-footed children in the Philippine countryside don't worry me half as much as the street children in our urban centers who beg along the roads among the cars all day. It's a sad situation that does not get enough notice. Thanks for caring.]

Leora says

That is very sad, when children have to beg.

Kaori says

I really like all the arches and angles in your first photo :-D

Wayne says

The arches are truly a work of art and you have captured them very well. I do not like that people graffiti public structures, but I try to looks past their canvas and appreciate the art.

Ebie says

I love the different angles of the bridge shown in your photos. Too bad about graffiti, but sometimes, they could be seen as a work of art.

Jew Wishes says

What great shots! I love the first and last one, and the great perspectives on those two!

Dhaval Jani says

Thanks to your previous photo post of this bridge I found out about this place and Johnson park. I now go there often to feed animals and sometimes take pictures too:)

Leora says

Nice to hear from you, Dhaval... glad you found some nice places to visit in Central New Jersey! We went to the East Brunswick Butterfly Park on Sunday, and I took some photos there, too. Another pretty place to visit.


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