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Nature Notes: Rutgers Gardens

There are some lovely paths by the Raritan River in the back of Rutgers Gardens. We enjoyed walking through nature last Sunday.
red leaf among greenery
Some leaves were changing to red; not all the leaves looked so healthy. I wondered if it was because of the dry summer we had.

lily pads
Is this what Monet saw before he painted his famous lily pads?

I believe this pretty lavender flower by the river is a cleome.

I was excited to see milkweed, as Michelle of Rambling Woods has talked about it on her blog as attractive to butterflies. And I even saw some milkweed aphids, too.


girl man nature
And since many of you enjoy seeing my family, here’s my husband and daughter. The chocolate around her mouth is probably from an Oreo cookie, which may not be a very natural food, but it’s in her nature to enjoy cookies.
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Caron says

Oh, I think Oreo cookies are surely natural for a little girl! It's all in how you look at it, I suppose. :)

I like the milkweed, too. I'll be on the lookout for it this weekend myself.

Leora says

There was a whole field of the milkweed; I'm guessing someone at Rutgers agriculture school purposely decided to plant a lot of it.

Carver says

Great shot of your husband and daughter. I enjoyed seeing what is going on in your part of the country. Dry weather is supposed to be good in terms of color in the leaves but I guess it's a trade off since some turn brown in the summer if it's too dry. I used to have a lot of cleome but haven't lately. Your shot reminded me that I miss it. I'll have to plant some more this spring. Mine used to self seed but I think other plants took over where it would come up in the past.

Leora says

I didn't even know cleome grows in the wild. I sometimes see it in local gardens.

Ilana-Davita says

A very artistic series. I'd say that the first and second shots are my favorite.

Leora says

"artistic" - thank you for saying so!

Mrs. S. says

"which may not be a very natural food, but it’s in her nature to enjoy cookies"
LOL! Great line! :-)

Jew Wishes says

What beautiful captures! I like the swirls and flow of the milkweed.

Your daughter is adorable, and I love the chocolate around her mouth.

EG Wow says

Love the Oreo-cookie look. :) Great captures all, Leora!

Michelle says

I love the photos...Your daughter is beautiful and your husband handsome...I love that you found milkweed because then the monarchs will too. I love Monet's work...that you were able to find what inspired him is magical...thanks for participating in Nature Notes Leora....Michelle

Leora says

Michelle, I'm happy if the monarchs are happy. Thanks again for doing Nature Notes.

Nicole says

I love the glimpses into your autumn world. I can almost feel the easy sunshine :)
And yes, I think the Lilly pads are Monet worthy :D
And a cookie 'monster' for daughter, it could be worse :P

Leora says

We were just discussing how Cookie Monster got converted to Celery Monster... but no one at the table has actually seen Celery Monster. Maybe the producers changed their minds because they realized kids really do love cookies (and not celery).

Crafty Green poet says

lovely series of photos, especially the lily pads and there's nothing wrong with the occasional Oreo


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