Nature Notes: East Brunswick Butterfly Park

east brunswick butterfly park
It was a beautiful fall day last week when we visited the East Brunswick Butterfly Park. It is off Ryder’s Lane; one can park at the neighboring Oak Tree Park that has a lovely playground for children.

red bush
We didn’t see a lot of butterflies, but the autumn foliage was enough to keep our interest.

yellow and red
Yellows and reds are dominant in the landscape at this time of year.

Milkweed! With an aphid. My husband said, look at that bug, and I was proud to be able to identify the milkweed aphid.

yellow flower
Wish I knew the name of this pretty yellow wild flower.

butterfly bush
The last two purple blossoms of the year stood out on this butterfly bush.

Sedum turns to such a lovely muted shade of red in autumn.

woods next to butterfly park
The path in the butterfly park swings off to a path into the woods. However, one is never far from a busy road or highway when going on hikes in New Jersey. One can hear and see traffic of Ryders Lane.

in the woods
Can you guess which animal kept our interest for a while in the woods? Can you see him?

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