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Mrs. S. Cooks Up KCC

cooking at Neot Kedumim
Neot Kedumim Kitchen: Was this what cooking was like in the time of Avraham?

Mrs. S. hosts the Kosher Cooking Carnival for the first month of Adar (we have two this year – extra happiness). There’s tamarind date cake, eggplant filled with bulghur, lemonade, brownies, creamy parsnip soup and more.

Mrs. S. says

Thanks for the link!
Neot Kedumim is a wonderful place. My favorite part is the succah exhibition. They have life-size succot representing each of the kosher and non-kosher succot listed in Masechet Succah.

Shavua tov, and chodesh tov!

Leora says

One of these days we will visit Neot Kedumim again, when it's not boiling hot!

Rayna Eliana says

I will go check it out!

Ilana-Davita says

A great photo to advertize KCC.


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