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Review with Fermented Cabbage

fermented cabbage
Here’s how my fermented cabbage, carrots, garlic and onion looked yesterday. You can learn more about fermenting in this post.

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  • Rayna Elianna reviews The Same Sea, by Amos Oz.
  • Ilana-Davita writes: “I would love to know what Jewish thinkers and writers inspire you the most.”
  • Dr. Muli Peleg: Peaceful resolution requires compassion
  • Did you know that Rav Kook admired Rembrandt?
  • I wrote about slideshows on my tech biz blog . I included a Jewish woodworker, a dance studio that presented a New Jersey version of Beauty and the Beast, and some NASA space photos. My favorite is the graduate slideshow that I put together, in honor of a new graduate level program for Rutgers Jewish Studies.
  • Books I’ve Read, Books I’m Reading

    Gertruda’s Oath, Ram Oren
    Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz
    Fear No Evil, Natan Sharansky

    I highly recommend all three of these books. What are you reading?

    Ilana-Davita says

    I am reading a funny story about a very secular Jewish woman whose children are slowly getting religious to her horror!
    Thanks for the link.

    Leora says

    I am amused (by the horrified woman).

    ilana-Davita says

    It was a funny book; not very profound but funny.
    Shavoua tov.

    Mrs. S. says

    Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach to you and your family!

    Leora says

    Shabbat Shalom to you, too!

    Carver says

    That looks good. I've never tried fermenting (with the exception of my fermented brain).

    Leora says

    I want to try making sourdough (again). That is a kind of fermenting. It turns out my father can tolerate sourdough bread more than the commercial yeast breads.

    I also want to learn to pickle. That gets my middle son excited.

    Rayna Eliana says

    Great photo...and I am anxious to hear how the final result tastes.

    I read Gertruda's Oath, and found it to be quite the inspiring memoir.

    Thank you for the link.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    Daniel Saunders says

    Only just seen this. Thanks for the link.


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