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KCC During the Omer

Wheat in the Hulah valley, 2007
Wheat in the Hulah valley, 2007, retouched by Carol Spears

In introducing this edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival (KCC), I want to talk briefly about the Omer and roots of Judaism in agriculture. From Passover to Shavuot (7 weeks) we count each day. In the days of the Temple, barley was the first crop to be harvested. An omer of barley was offered each day at the Temple. Anyone have a recipe for barley bread? On the 50th day, wheat was offered, as the wheat harvest had begun.

Every Day Meals and Fancier Ones, Too

Ilana-Davita presents Salmon in Foil and Tian-Vegetable Gratin.

Batya suggests Super Simple, Extra Healthy, Bake and Serve Meatloaf.

Mominisrael teaches how to make Brown Rice with Leeks, Carrots and Black Lentils.

Restaurant Reviews and Food Stand News

Batya presents Yummy Late Lunch at HaGov!.

Take a look at the photos Sharon A shows on What’s Cooking? posted at The Real Jerusalem Streets.

3 children of Vilna - one survived

Yom HaShoa and Family Memories

Mirjam Weiss presents Never Eat Chocolate Like Bread – a poignant post about her mom’s history.

Mominisrael shares Food Memories of My Father.


Mirj talks The P Word – is it Passover or is it Pizza?

Batya presents Kitniyot, Legumes on Passover, A Different Perspective

Batya presents Did I Tell You What I Cooked?

Mrs. S. presents Gebrochts for the rest of us

Mirj presents Don’t Pass Over These Recipes

Batya presents That Was Fast, Flour Gone

Shimshonit gives us Passover Lemon Pie.

If you want a review of Pesach recipes, visit Pragmatic Attic’s What Everyone Else Made.

I didn’t get a chance to post any new Pesach recipes this year, but this is my mushroom pate recipe from last year. It was well-received by my relatives in Far Rockaway.

Post Pesach

challah dough with key

Time for Shlissel Challah! baked by PragmaticAttic.

What a wonderful time to visit the shuk in Petach Tikva with Mimi.

Healthy Notes

I wrote about mushrooms – shiitake and maitake.

Participating in KCC

Next issue will be hosted by JewishBoston.
If you would like to host, contact Batya.
If you would like to submit a post, use the submission form.
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Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous picture, wonderful job, and thanks for the link!

Miriyummy says

Thanks for including my posts, and for also putting up that picture of my mom and her older brother and sister. My parents never managed to save any of their pictures and we had to rely on the few that were sent to relatives abroad before the Nazis hit their communities. That's the only picture I have of my mother prior to 1939.

Miriyummy says

BTW, you did an excellent job, and I'm going to snag that gorgeous picture of green wheat for my desktop at work.

Mimi says

Lovely roundup of kosher food links, Ilana-Davita - and thank you for the link.


Mimi says

Sorry, Leora - I'm so absent-minded it's not funny.Thank YOU for the link, and the roundup was excellent.

Ilana-Davita says

This is a great edition of KCC and the top photo is stunning. Thanks for including my links.

Batya says

Leora, thanks for the wonderful and tasty KCC!

Laura says

Great roundup (I love how you included some photos), and thanks for the links. Now you have me obsessing over barley bread (I'm sure there is a recipe somewhere online . . .). I'm also thinking about a barley and/or wheat berry salad for Shavuoth now . . .

Leora says

When you find them, Laura, please post the recipes. And then send the links for the next KCC. I used to make a wheat berry salad - I think it was in Moosewood Cookbook. A friend came up with a pareve version by using tofu instead of cottage cheese.

Rayna Eliana says

What a stunning serene and lovely.

Great job on this, Leora!


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