Nature Notes: The Path

woods in Highland Park near path to RPRY
There is a path at the edge of Highland Park by the Edison border that leads to my children’s school. On one side are houses, but on the other side of the path are lots of brush and trees and weeds and who knows what else. The brook runs alongside all this woodsy brush.

brook by path with green

Anyone able to identify these large leafy plants growing on the path?
large leafy plants

I spotted a robin! There’s something green in the robin’s mouth: a worm, catepillar or a leaf?
robin with green caterpillar

6 thoughts on “Nature Notes: The Path

  • You got some great shots on your walk. The robin looks so happy. I’m not sure about the large green leaves. At first I was going to guess may apple but the don’t have the veins or ridges like may apple.

    • I had various people staring at me as I was trying to get a decent shot of the brook through the chain link fence.

  • Thanks for the walk! O have no idea what the large leafy plants are but we have them in France too. I suppose I could ask a colleague who, I have just found out, is a botanist.

  • I am sorry, why do I keep thinking I have visited…What a great habitat. I don’t know what the plants are, but it looks like the robin’s babies will be well fed….Michelle

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