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Nature Notes: Heron and Seedlings

I finally got to see a heron while visiting my in-laws who live near the Jersey Shore. Wouldn’t you know it, I only had my little phone camera with me. My daughter called the heron a “gray flamingo.”

parsley seedlings
In more mundane news, the parsley seeds I planted in August have germinated. No sign of the kale seeds germinating. I plan to plant whatever I get in my little front yard so I have greenery in the late fall and possibly through winter (not counting when there is snow on top, but the kale has survives through the snow).

Update: I went outside to check on my few germinated seedlings, and an animal had eaten them. Or maybe they died of “damping off” – too much wet. Sigh. I moved them to our front yard, where we’ve had fewer animal problems, and the sun hits the area.

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Robin from Israel says

He does look a bit like a gray flamingo :).

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Daniel Saunders says

We occasionally get a heron in our garden. It is probably attracted by the fish in our next-door neighbour's pond.

Leora says

Daniel, I had no idea you live in an area that would attract herons. You once posted a few photos - it would be nice if you would do more.

Daniel Saunders says

I never photographed the heron as it flew away too quickly. And there aren't usually herons around here; I don't know where this one came from.

I have four or five photos on my camera from the shul Young Adults matzah ramble, but I still haven't got around to downloading them. They aren't terribly interesting anyway. My parents say I take good photos of landscapes, but I hardly ever see anything to photograph at the moment.

Carver says

I think you did a great job of photographing the heron with your cell phone. I'm sorry about your seedlings. That's always disappointing.

Ilana-Davita says

There are grey herons in our area but I have never photographed one. You were lucky.
I like your daughter's definition.

Michelle says does kind of look like a flamingo..they are awesome birds to watch fish...The wet is causing a lot of problems in the garden and I too have had things eaten lately...

Leora says

Once again it is raining today, and I wonder if my seedlings will drown. Another one did germinate. Maybe I should put the box on the porch and hope I don't forget it there.


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