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Nature Notes: Stream Wildflowers

wild flower with bee
On Sunday we visited Lee Turkey Farm in East Windsor, New Jersey. Across from the farm is a stream, and some lovely wildflowers were growing. The yellow wildflower above seemed to attract bees.

orange yellow wildflower
This droopy pale orange flower added a wispy look to the scene.

green pads in the stream
These green, round leaves were growing in the stream, but I didn’t see any lilies.

This white flower seems to be a kind of honeysuckle.

fairy aster
Would this little daisy-like flower be a fairy aster?

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Eileen says

Lovely wildflowers and your photos are wonderful.

EG Wow says

Wonderful photos of the wildflowers, Leora! I'm not sure which aster that is - there are so many different varieties!

Ilana-Davita says

I like the top picture best. What sort of farm was this?

Leora says

It was a pick it yourself farm - we mostly picked apples. The girls also picked some corn (though after all the excitement about picking the corn, my daughter ate none of it). We did a corn maze, sort of - halfway through, the girls decide they were tired. I think my husband was disappointed.

bettyl says

What lovely colors and shapes!

Kala says

I love the photo of the honeysuckle blossom!

Crafty Green poet says

lovely selection of flowers!

Carver says

The wildflowers are so beautiful. Great shots.

Robin from Israel says

Beautiful wildflowers.

To answer your question, the picket fence is next to a small man-made (or more precisely man-redirected) waterfall which flows from one lake, through a restored mill, down to a second larger lake. It's a lovely spot indeed, though not quite as pristine and natural as it appears in this photo ;).

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Michelle says

I love 'pick your own'...I would have thought that your daughter would have liked to eat something she picked, but my daughter was a very picky and slow eater...Love the wild flowers...

Leora says

Unfortunately, it's out of sight, out of mind for her. She also found the apples too tart. Lots of pies planned here.


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