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Red Petal Among Green

red carnation petal among green phlox
A red carnation petal fell into my creeping phlox. Creeping phlox blooms in the spring.

If you want to see my sukkah decorations, I put them in the previous post called Sukkot in Highland Park.

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Ruby Tuesday

Lola says

Love that ruby red petal!

Happy Ruby Tuesday,

Here’s mine!

Ralph says

The colors of autumn have been mostly absent up here in CT - a week ago, Patti and a friend went as far as Bennington VT with little color, that being green. This shot is nice, since green is still over the trees, a harvest red below is a nice touch!


Ilana-Davita says

The beauty of the photo lies in its simplicity.

Gemma Wiseman says

The red is such a vibrant feature in the host of green! Lovely!

Ms. Burrito says

Beautiful ruby!

My Ruby Tuesday, please come and see. Thanks and have a nice day!

Robin from Israel says

That red sure does pop among all that green. I have to confess though, whenever I hear of creeping phlox it really seems like the name should belong to some awful virus.

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Leora says

Creeping phlox is one of my favorite ground covers - much easier to grow than grass. I guess I think of the phlox flowers creeping up in the spring. The virus is what I would get if I had continued to grow grass (ok, maybe just a headache).

dianne says

that bit of red looks lovely in the rich green

Michelle says

Love the red peeking out..this year hasn't been the best for fall color..too wet a spring and not the right temps this fall...most of it looks pretty good to me though...


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