Nature Notes: Washington Valley Park

Washington Valley Reservoir
On Sunday we visited Washington Valley Park in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Our friend found the hike on the website; I had never heard of the park before. Pictured is the lovely reservoir at the bottom of the hiking area.

red trail at Washington Valley Park, Bridgewater, New Jersey
We decided in advance to follow the red trail – it wasn’t always easy to see these markings for the trail on the trees.

plants at Washington Valley Park
I saw a variety of plants growing – no idea what this striped little plant is called.

Red berries barberry bush at Washington Valley Park, New Jersey
I recognized these red oval berries from my childhood – I looked up the bush (red berries with thorns is what I looked for in Google Images), and I learned this is called a barberry bush.

moss washington valley park
I rather liked this plant inside moss that I found on the trail.

stream at Washington Valley Park
There were various streams on our hike that led into the reservoir. The girls (my daughter and friend) had fun hopping over the rocks.

hawk at Washington Valley Park
When we got to the top of the hill on the trail, we were rewarded with views of hawks flying overhead.

washington valley view
You could see quite a distance from the top – the fall colors have faded, but they are still varied, though muted.

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