Visit to Princeton University

Princeton University - East Pyne Building, detail of turret
Princeton University - East Pyne Building, detail of turret

Yesterday my eldest son and I went to visit Princeton. This was my third visit to Princeton this year. In the summer I took my daughter and her friend to the Princeton Art Museum. A few weeks ago I went for a conference – I was the NJSGC photographer for the day.

We went on a visit to Princeton University yesterday because my son is applying to colleges, and as he had the day off due to parent-teacher conferences, he decided he would like to visit Princeton. We arranged to meet my niece for lunch at the Center for Jewish Life. Having had a late-for-the-conference experience due to parking issues a few weeks ago, I now consider myself a Princeton parking expert, and we drove straight to Palmer Square Garage on Chambers Street. In the dripping wet we figured out where Clio Hall is, the place where the tour begins. The photos on top and bottom were taken in the sunny summer month of August – it did not look that bright in New Jersey yesterday, lots of rain. We did the tour (one other mother-son team joined us), and then we had the pleasure of my niece’s company at a kosher lunch at CJL. She seems to be enjoying Princeton, and I was pleased to hear she is taking French as one of her courses. She is the sister of the blogger in Norway.

So, now that I’ve left you with some of the details of my day, here’s some questions for you:

  • If you’ve had a child leave home, how did it feel to have the first one leave?
  • If you could apply to college now (all expenses paid), where would you go and what would you study?
  • Have you been to Princeton?
Princeton University Chapel tower
Princeton University Chapel tower

11 thoughts on “Visit to Princeton University

  • Despite everything, if I were applying as an undergraduate again, I think I would still be better off at Oxford (or Cambridge) than any other UK university, even though it can be hard to be frum there. I can’t really imagine coping at other UK universities at all.

    As for my current university, you know my thoughts about that!

  • I am impressed that your son is considering going to Princeton. Nice to see that your niece is studying French.
    I’d also apply to Oxford; it seems that you cannot be there and not work. I am not so sure about colleges in the United States. What is Stern College like?

    • “it seems that you cannot be there and not work” – not sure what you mean.

      You will have to ask Mrs. S. about Stern College! I don’t know much about the school.

      I sometimes think it would be nice to go back and study engineering – I did go back and study some computer science, which has helped a little with my current career. Unfortunately, self-learning seems to be more important in my current work than any standardized schooling. I investigated advanced education for a while, but none of it was close to what I wanted.

      Another topic, for another day: why young people are not choosing STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math).

      • LOL! 🙂 As a proud second-generation Stern College alumna, I have only wonderful things to say about the education I received there. I have very fond memories of my years in Stern and – if I had to make the choice today – would definitely choose to go there. However, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s no way one can compare midtown Manhattan (which is where Stern is located) to the beauty of Princeton… 🙂

        RE: Having one’s first child leave home – Raizy said it very well. When our oldest went away to yeshiva last year, it was a very hard adjustment… for me! But when he came home the first time, and we saw how happy he is and how well he’s doing BA”H, it made all the difference. I hope your son finds the place that is best suited to him!

  • “If you’ve had a child leave home, how did it feel to have the first one leave?”-
    Honestly, I thought my heart would break in two.
    But now that I know that he’s settled and happy, I feel calm about it. But I still miss him so much.
    Don’t worry though- Princeton is not that far away from Highland Park!

    • I don’t think he is going to go to Princeton (I hesitated to post at all about where he is applying, but I finally decided the whole topic was worth the post from the mom point-of-view).

      Glad you feel calm now that he is settled and happy. My son will be away in Israel for one year (at least we have email and phones – not too hard to connect). All the colleges to which he is applying are a few hours from home, but I still miss the baby he once was.

  • I was really happy for my daughter when she was able to leave for collage. There had been so many health issues and so much school moissed that I was thrilled when she was accepted… I wish I had been able to go away to any college. As it was I started college after my junior year of high school and got married at age 18 my first year, second semester…

    • Fascinating – I *did* study History of Art and Russian at Boston University. Enough art history for a major, only one semester of Russian.

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