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Nature Notes: Snapdragon Leaves

snapdragon leaves
snapdragon leaves in late December 2011 with drops of water

It’s been a while since I’ve done Nature Notes – I could blame both my work load and the gloom of early December darkness, cold and brown. Today it was a tad warmer, and I went outside to photograph some burnt red bald cypress leaves – instead, I found this snapdragon plant with bright green leaves and drops of rain water.

I have an idea for next week’s Nature Notes, but I need your help. Can you tell me which of Michelle’s many topics were your favorite(s) in the past year? Shh… don’t tell Michelle. Oh, is she reading this? Well, anyway, your comments on Best Rambling Woods Nature Topics are requested.

Nature Notes

Carver says

Beautiful shot of the snapdragon with water droplets. It's hard to pick one because Michelle has so much great information in her nature notes and blog in general but the one which springs immediately to mind is following her monarch butterfly breeding project.

Ilana-Davita says

I like the photo too. I wish I could take part next week but I have not followed Nature Notes much recently and would be at a loss to choose a favorite topic.

Michelle says

Oh this is such a sweet idea..thank you Leora...I realized that I had missed the second year anniversary of NN and now it's well over 2 years old..The smallest meme on the web...LOL...I would have to think about what my favorite was. I have all of the NN on a separate blog too that I posted on my sidebar..thank you....and have a Happy Chanukah...Here is looking forward to 2012...hugs..Michelle

Celeste says

How encouraging to see fresh green leaves in December! A little ray of hope that spring will come one day :)

Leora says

Unfortunately, it feels like spring already. I would prefer winter (snow, anyone?).

Eileen says

It is nice to see this pretty gre,en in December. Beautiful image. Happy Chanukah!

Jewaicious says

Nice photo. I like the way the light bounces off of the droplets.


Michelle says

Oh..the idea didn't got too far but maybe I can come up with some of my a


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