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Summer Basil

basil up close plant
I discovered this photo of basil I had photographed in September 2009 – now isn’t that a warm image to share on a cold January 2012 evening?

For more photos straight out of the camera:
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Here’s a recipe for basil pesto and a recipe for basil meatloaf. What do you with your summer basil?

Emily Suess says

I'll take anything with the word "summer" in it right now! You are too right about these January evenings!

Jewaicious says

It is a lovely image, in more ways than one. I love the tones and textures, and fresh basil.

Helen Campbell says

Oh how lovely! I can smell it. Do you make pesto?

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for posting such a heart-warming photo!

Linda Makiej Photography says

Wonderful!!! Happy sUnDaY!!!

Shydub says

Im sure you cant wait for spring again to plant another set f basil

My SOOC Entry

Michelle says

Oh yum...and sunshine...warmth...sigh..stay warm Leora..


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