Bok Choy with Onion

bok choy with onion
This recipe for bok choy is so simple it’s almost not a recipe at all but a suggestion to cook up some tasty bok choy. This vegetable with succulent white stems and dark leafy greens at top tastes delicious slightly cooked. In the photo, both the white and the green are parts of the bok choy. The purplish red is the red onion.


  • Olive oil
  • 1 onion, red or yellow
  • 1 bunch of bok choy

Chop up the bok choy into bite size pieces. Chop up the onion. Warm a wok-like saucepan with olive oil, then add the chopped onion and saute for about five minutes. Add the bok choy, mix with the onions, and saute for about ten minutes. Serve warm. Or, if you are like me and you make this hours before serving, serve at room temperature (though I think it tastes best warm – but don’t recook it, that will ruin the dish).

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Can you get bok choy in your local grocery store? Maybe it has a different name? If you can’t get bok choy, which darky leafy greens can you get? If you have prepared bok choy, how do you cook this vegetable?

14 thoughts on “Bok Choy with Onion

    • Ah! I was wondering how else one makes it. I suppose one could steam it, but the olive oil does add a bit of nice flavor. Seems like overkill to put in soup.

      • Yes, sesame oil sounds like a great addition. Maybe even sesame seeds. Mushrooms would go nicely.

        I forgot to add this to the post, but I found that bok choy only lasts a few days.

    • Interesting, that it would be dependent on whether there are Chinese people living in the area. Bok choy is one of the tastiest vegetables that I’ve eaten. We do have a lot of Asians in central New Jersey (not just Chinese, also Koreans, and I think Edison has one of the largest Indian populations in the U.S.).

  • I can get bok choy at my greengrocer’s but only in season, which doesn’t seem to be now. I don’t buy it often though, it’s expensive and while I enjoy it in stir-fries I don’t end up using it up quickly enough.

    • Robin,

      Wondering if it’s like kale where it’s not that hard to grow in Israel but limited to where it’s grown. My friends said there is a farm in central Israel that grows kale.

      I have that problem of not using greens quickly enough – right now I have both kale and bok choy in my fridge. I should have only bought one at a time.

  • I am a recent convert to bok choy, since I stopped eating spinach this summer for health reasons (yes, I realize the irony of that). Anyway, I love it. I generally saute it with garlic, tomatoes, and mushrooms (I vary the type of mushroom), then simmer in red wine. Tastes great with brown rice. The local supermarkets here usually have regular bok choy, but the asian markets (including Garden State Farmer’s Market on Rte 1)have baby bok choy, which I like better.

    • Hi, Kira! Not ironic at all – my father avoids spinach and swiss chard for the same reasons (oxalic acid).

      I meant to write ‘may be served with rice’ on the post, but whatever. I’ll have to try baby bok choy. I bet HMart has it.

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